Penn Implementation Science Center

What is Implementation Science?

 Implementation science has emerged as a discipline to bridge the research-to-practice gap. Implementation research is the scientific study of methods to improve the adoption, implementation, and sustainment of evidence-based practices in health services settings.

Bridging the gap, a bridge with a mechanism connecting the two sides

PISCE Mission Statement

To advance the science and practice of implementation by building capacity, driving methodological innovation, fostering collaboration, and encouraging community.

This statement encompasses the following strategic goals and core competencies:

  • Research - We support the development of research to guide the implementation of evidence-based interventions across a range of healthcare settings around the globe.
  • Education - We host educational offerings for both the next generation of researchers as well as established investigators through our Implementation Science Certificate Program, our Implementation Science Institute, workshops, and a variety of courses on Implementation Science at Penn.
  • Connection - We bring together the Implementation Science community at Penn and beyond through invited speaker lectures, fireside chats, works-in-progress meetings, in-person networking opportunities, newsletters, mock study sections, conference preparation workshops, writing workshops, and more.

PISCE Vision Statement

We foster optimal population health through collaborative, equitable, and rigorous dissemination and implementation science.

What sets PISCE apart?

  • Global Health component
  • Leadership in methods and practice
  • Advancing and incorporating equity
  • Convening space for researchers and practitioners


Implementation Science Certificate Program

Through a combination of live didactics, experiential learning, and mentorship, the fully-remote Penn Implementation Science Certificate Program will equip the next generation of early career colleagues with the knowledge and skills needed to conduct rigorous, contextualized, and meaningful implementation research.

This program is ideal for scholars interested in developing competencies in implementation science for application to future research endeavors, including early career researchers seeking NIH K award or equivalent funding. The certificate is also expected to be of interest to implementation practitioners, including people engaged in improvement science.

Learn more on the Master's & Certificate Programs website

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