Email Deactivation

Email Account Deactivation

Your email account is eligible for deactivation as soon as:

  • you are no longer actively working towards a degree in a Perelman School of Medicine academic program
  • you leave your position as Perelman School of Medicine faculty or staff
  • your account goes unchecked for more than six months (and mail is not being forwarded)

Once your affiliation with the University becomes inactive you are no longer eligible for a Penn Medicine O365 email account. There is no guaranteed period of time that your account will remain active once your affiliation ends. In some cases PMACS will allow your account to stay active for a short period of time before it is automatically deactivated. If an expiration date is placed on your account you should receive a notice that your account is slated for automatic deletion.

Former students may request a permanent alumni email account by visiting the Penn Medicine Alumni page.

Departments in the Perelman School of Medicine may request immediate deactivation of an e-mail account. In such cases users may not receive notification that the account is marked for deletion.

To manually deactivate an e-mail account your business administrator should e-mail PMACS at with the e-mail address in question and the date which the account needs to be deactivated.

For more information, email or submit a ticket.