Spring 2024 Seminar Series Dates

January 05, 2024
CRB 1st Floor - Austrian Auditorium

Department of Physiology & Pennsylvania Muscle Institute

Seminar Series Spring 2024

  • 1/8/2024 (ATLE**): Avital Rodal, Ph.D., Professor of Biology, Brandeis University; Title:Routing and Remodeling Membranes at Presynaptic Terminals”
  • 1/22/2024: Frank Bradke, Ph.D., Professor and Group Leader, German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE); Title: “Mechanisms of Axon Growth and Regeneration”
  • **Thursday** 2/15/2024: David S. Rueda, D.Sc., FRSC, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biophysics, MRC Laboratory of Medical Sciences; Title: “Dynamics of Protein-Nucleic Acids Interactions: A single-molecule perspective”
  • 2/19/2024: Damaris Lorenzo, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Cell and Developmental Biology, University of Pennsylvania; Title: “Cytoskeletal pathways of neuronal dysregulation in SPTBN1 syndrome”
  • 3/4/2024 (ATLE**): Michael D. Burton, Ph.D., Eugene McDermott Associate Professor, Department of Neuroscience, The University of Texas at Dallas; Title: “Neuroimmune mechanisms in acute and transitional muscle pain”
  • 3/25/2024: Tatyana Polenova, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Delaware; Title: “Magnetic Resonance and Integrative Structural Biology of Protein Assemblies”
  • 4/1/2023 (ATLE**): Theanne Griffith, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physiology and Membrane Biology, University of California Davis; Title: “Differential Encoding of Mammalian Proprioception by Voltage-Gated Sodium Channels”
  • 4/8/2024: D. James Surmeier, Ph.D., Department Chair and Nathan Smith Davis Professor of Neuroscience, Northwestern University; Title: “Bioenergetics, mitochondrial dysfunction and selective vulnerability in Parkinson’s disease”
  • 4/15/2024: Munir Tanas, M.D., Associate Professor of Pathology, University of Iowa; Title: “Mechanisms of Hippo pathway dysregulation in sarcomas” |Co-sponsored with Penn Center for Musculoskeletal Disorders (PCMD)
  • 4/22/2024: Richard Lewis, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Molecular & Cellular Physiology, Stanford University; Title: “Proteins in motion: the multiscale dynamics of store-operated calcium channels”
  • 4/29/2024: Shixin Liu, Ph.D., Associate Professor; Head, Laboratory of Nanoscale Biophysics and Biochemistry, The Rockefeller University; Title: “Machines on Genes: A Single-Molecule Perspective”
  • 5/6/2024 (ATLE**): Julie S. Biteen, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry and of Biophysics, University of Michigan; Title: “Determining the nature of interactions and biomolecular condensates in microbes”
  • **Thursday** 6/20/2024: Peter Gunning, PhD, Professor, University of New South Wales (UNSW) Sydney, Australia; Title:Tuning the mechanics of the actin cytoskeleton via the tropomyosin gene family

[**ATLE = At The Leading Edge series]

Mondays @ 3:00PM (unless otherwise noted)

Location: CRB, Austrian Auditorium (415 Curie Blvd.)

www.med.upenn.edu/physiol | www.med.upenn.edu/pmi