The Pennsylvania Muscle Institute

The PMI is an interdisciplinary group of research investigators. Our goal is to discover the mechanisms of muscle function, muscle disease and motile biological systems through innovative and cross-disciplinary research, and to apply these discoveries to new therapies.


Cell Motility Journal Club

CMJC is a weekly meeting of PMI faculty and lab members where current scientific literature is discussed. Many established scientists can trace their introduction to the analysis of scientific literature to this meeting, as it has a lively history that reaches back to the 1960s.

Muscle Club

Muscle Club is a forum for faculty, fellows, and trainees to present hour-long seminars on their research or results from the current scientific research. This group is focused on muscle biology and muscle disease, and it is a key activity of our NIH-sponsored, T32 training program


The PMI invites distinguished scientists to give research lectures and to meet with interested Penn scientists. Our popular seminar series is attended by investigators from a broad constituency, and all members of the Penn Community are invited to attend.

Membership at PMI

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