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Peter Reese, MD, MSCE is an NIH-funded transplant nephrologist and epidemiologist. His research focuses on: a) developing effective strategies to increase access to kidney transplantation, b) improving the process of selecting and caring for living kidney donors, c) determining outcomes of health policies on vulnerable populations with renal disease, including the elderly, d) testing strategies to improve important health behaviors such as medication adherence, and e) transplant ethics. He co-founded Penn’s Center for Quality, Analytics and Research in Transplantation (PQART). He is a past chair and current member of the Ethics Committee for the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS), which oversees organ allocation and transplant regulation in the US, and is an Associate Editor for the American Journal of Kidney Diseases. He is Co-Principal Investigator for the THINKER ( NCT02743897) and USHER studies (NCT02743897), pilot trials of transplantation using hepatitis C-infected organs from deceased donors into uninfected recipients. He is also a Principal Investigator on an exciting new trial to reduce recurring kidney stones with increased fluid intake — PUSH (NCT03244189).
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