8:00 AM Breakfast   Reception Room
8:30 AM Welcome & Opening Remarks Mitchell Schnall, MD, PhD / Dave Mankoff, MD, PhD  
8:40 AM Program Orientation Terence Gade, MD, PhD  


8:45 AM - 10:30 AM

Session 1: Quantitative Imaging/ Image Generation

Wehrli & Reddy


8:45 AM Introduction to the Quantitative Imaging & Image Generation Group Felix Wehrli, PhD  
8:50 AM From Solid -State Imaging of Calcified Tissues to Vascular-Metabolic MRI of the Brain and Peripheral Circulation Felix Wehrli, PhD  
9:00 AM Imaging of Cardiac Reperfusion Injury Srikant Iyer, PhD / Brianna Moon, BS  
9:10 AM Prediction of Post-Operative Hernia from Magnetic Resonance Tissue Tagging Larry Dougherty, PhD  
9:20 AM Flywheel Informatics Platform as a Research PACS Motion Effects in Quantitative Morphometry John Detre, MD / Dylan Tisdall, PhD  
9:30 AM New Techniques in Metabolic Imaging at Ultrahigh Field Abigail Cember, BS / Laurie Rich, PhD  
9:40 AM Darkfield X-Ray Imaging: Detecting Changes in Microstructure Peter Noel, PhD  
9:50 AM Research Directions in Nuclear Medicine Instrumentation Joel Karp, PhD  
10:00 AM Using Virtual Clinical Trials in the Design of Novel Tomosynthesis Systems Andrew Maidment, PhD  
10:10 AM Photoacoustic Imaging Sandy Sehgal, PhD  
10:20 AM Question and Answer Session Moderators  
10:30 AM Morning Snack Break   Reception Room


10:45 AM - 12:00 PM Session II: Image Analytics & Informatics Davatzikos & Kahn Ballroom
10:45 AM Introduction to the Image Analytics & Informatics Group Christos Davatzikos, PhD  
10:50 AM Machine Learning in Neuroimaging Christos Davatzikos, PhD  
11:00 AM Image Analytics for Cardiac and Vascular Surgery Alison Pouch, PhD  
11:10 AM Computational Imaging Biomarkers for Precision Cancer Care Despina Kontos, PhD  
11:20 AM Distributed Machine Learning for Medical Imaging: Facilitating Multi-Institutional Collaborations Spyros Bakas, PhD  
11:30 AM Postmortem Imaging to Derive Biomarkers for Alzheimer's Disease Paul Yushkevitch, PhD  
11:40 AM Deep Learning for Imaging Data Analysis Yong Fan, PhD  
11:50 AM Patient-specific connectomic reports: are we there yet? Ragini Verma, PhD  
12:00 PM Lunch   Ballroom


12:45 PM - 2:15 PM Session III: Molecular Imaging & IG Therapy Mach & Rizi Ballroom
12:45 PM Imaging biomarkers of therapeutic response to cancer therapy Jerry Glickson, PhD  
12:55 PM Interrogating pulmonary gas-exchange machinery with imaging Rahim, Rizi, PhD  
1:05 PM Molecular and Cellular Technologies Lab Mark Sellmyer, MD, PhD  
1:15 PM Radiological Chemistry and Biology Lab Robert Mach, PhD  
1:25 PM PARP targeted alpha-particles are curative in neuroblastoma pre-clinical models Mehran Makvandi, PhD  
1:35 PM Strategies to overcome drug-resistant triple negative breast cancer by exploiting glutamine metabolism-mediated oxidative stress Rong Zhou, PhD  
1:45 PM Translating optical molecular imaging - Take it to the clinic one more time Jim Delikatny, PhD  
1:55 PM Inorganic nanoparticles for multi-energy x-ray imaging and more David Cormode, PhD  
2:05 PM Biological models for high LET radiotherapies Sean Carlin, PhD  
2:15 PM Afternoon Snack Break 1   Reception Room


2:30 - 3:40 PM Session IV: Translational Imaging Soulen & Mankoff Ballroom
2:30 PM IR Clinical Research Michael Soulen, MD  
2:38 PM Neuroradiology Clinical Research Ilya Nasrallah, MD  
2:46 PM NM/PET/Theranostic Trials Mike Farwell, MD, PhD  
2:54 PM Breast Imaging Clinical Research Elizabeth McDonald, MD, PhD  
3:02 PM Cardiothoracic Clinical Research Harold Litt, MD, PhD  
3:10 PM AID Clinical Research Mark Rosen, MD, PhD  
3:18 PM MSK Clinical Research Jenny Bencardino, MD  
3:26 PM Pediatric Radiology Clinical Research Savvas Andronikou, MBBch, PhD  
3:34 PM Clinical Innovation Studies Darco Lalevic, MCIT  
3:45 PM Afternoon Snack Break II   Reception Room


4:00 - 4:45 PM Session V: Small Group Sessions Leaders Breakouts
  Oncologic Imaging & Therapy Farwell Ballroom
  Neuroimaging & Therapy Nasrallah Grand Salon
  Musculoskeletal Imaging & Therapy Sebro Salon A
  Cardiovascular Imaging & Therapy Cormode Salon B
4:45 PM Cocktails & Hors d'oeuvres   Reception Room
5:30 PM Radiology Research Teaching Award Presentation   Ballroom
5:45 PM Quizzo   Ballroom
6:00 PM More cocktails & hors d'oeuvres   Library & Reception Room
6:30 PM Adjourn