Congratulations to Joe & Cynthia on their tenure-track faculty positions!

Joe Bedont is headed to Kent State in Ohio, and Cynthia Hsu to California State at Fresno

Congratulations to Vishnu on his K08 Award from NIH!

Project Title:  Regulation of Seizure Timing by Circadian Rhythms & Sleep

Congratulations to Jessica & Yongjun on their outstanding Thesis Defense!

Congratulations to Mariela & Camilo for acing their Prelim Exams!


Congratulations to Rebecca on receiving a Damon Runyon fellowship award!

Project Title:  Investigation of the Role of Peripheral Secreted Molecules on Sleep & Circadian Rhythms

Congratulations to Julie on her R01 Award from NINDS!

Project Title:  Interactions Between the Immune Response & Lipid Homeostasis in Regulating Sleep During Sickness


Congratulations to Sara on receiving a fellowship award from SNSF!

Project Title:  Regulation of Adaptive Sleep Through the Antimicrobial Peptide NUR in Flies

Congratulations to Shirley on her Tenure-Track Faculty Position!

Emory University

Congratulations to Nitin on his Tenure-Track Faculty Position!

The Tata Institute, Mumbai


Congratulations to Joe Bedont on his K99 Award from NINDS!

Project Title:  Nitrogen Metabolism in Sleep Homeostasis and Pathology

Congratulations to Dan on receiving an F32 Award from Brain Initiative!

Project Title:  Coupling Between Circadian Rhythms & Redox Signaling in Stem Cell Differentiation & Adult Neurogenesis

Congratulations to Jessica on receiving a Gilliam Fellowship from HHMI!

Press Release:  HHMI Awards 45 Gilliam Fellowships to Support Diversity in Science

Congratulations to Jack on his Outstanding Thesis Defense!

Thesis Title:   Endocannabinoids Protect Against Seizures in Drosophila Melanogaster


Congratulations to Greg on his Outstanding Thesis Defense!

Thesis Title:   The Emerging Involvement of Glia in Sleep: Insights from Drosophila Melanogaster

Congratulations to Annika on her Tenure-Track Faculty Position!

Waksman Institute, Rutgers University

Congratulations to Shirley Zhang on her K99 Award!

Project Title:  Determining the Importance of Temporal Regulation of the Blood-Brain Barrier

Collaborative Grant Awarded (with Aalim Weljie):

  • Balance of sleep and circadian metabolic switches in Drosophila—R01 from NIDDK


Congratulations to Graduating Students! Outstanding Job Anna & Iryna!

Thesis Title (Anna King):  Neural Circuits Controlling Circadian Rhythms

Thesis Title (Iryna Shakhmantsir):  Splicing the Clock is Timeless: from Fruit Fly Behavior to Mammalian Retinal Degeneration

Congratulations to Annika Barber on her K99 Award!

Nusbaum Graduate Student Mentoring Award to Amita

Project Title:  Integration of Circadian and Homeostatic Signals in a Peptidergic Circuit in Drosophila


Collaborative Grants Awarded:

  • NIDDK:  Impact of Daytime vs. Delayed Eating Schedule on Weight and Metabolic Markers Among Obese Persons: An Examination of Circadian Mechanisms;  Collaborators at Penn:  Sehgal, Goel, Allison, Taylor, Rickels
  • Volkswagen Stiftung:  The Fourth Dimension: Integration of time to shape co-oerativity and survival in the biosphere;  Collaborators:  Sehgal, Fitzgerald (Penn), Merrow, Mann/Robles and Frey in Germany

Congratulations to Joe Bedont and Anna King!

Joe Bedont and Anna King have been awarded NRSA grants. 

  • Joe's Project Title:  Characterizing Metabolomic Links Between Sleep Deprivation and Alzheimers Disease
  • Anna's Project Title:  Neural Mechanisms Underlying Circadian Rhythms in Behavior