Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Sehgal Lab




Congratulations for an Outstanding Job Anna King!

Anna King has defended her thesis. 

Thesis Title:  Neural Circuits Controlling Circadian Rhythms


Congratulations to Annika Barber!

Annika Barber has been awarded Grant K99. 

Project Title:  Integration of Circadian and Homeostatic Signals in a Peptidergic Circuit in Drosophila



Collaborative Grants Awarded:

  • NIDDK:  Impact of Daytime vs. Delayed Eating Schedule on Weight and Metabolic Markers Among Obese Persons: An Examination of Circadian Mechanisms;  Collaborators at Penn:  Sehgal, Goel, Allison, Taylor, Rickels
  • Volkswagen Stiftung:  The Fourth Dimension: Integration of time to shape co-oerativity and survival in the biosphere;  Collaborators:  Sehgal, Fitzgerald (Penn), Merrow, Mann/Robles and Frey in Germany

Congratulations to Joe Bedont and Anna King!

Joe Bedont and Anna King have been awarded NRSA grants. 

  • Joe's Project Title:  Characterizing Metabolomic Links Between Sleep Deprivation and Alzheimers Disease
  • Anna's Project Title:  Neural Mechanisms Underlying Circadian Rhythms in Behavior



Congratulations to Julie Williams!

Julie Williams has been awarded Grant 1R01GM123783-01A1. 

Project Title:  Mechanisms of Cellular Stress-Induced Sleep