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Learning Classifier System Textbook

In 2017, myself and co-author Dr. Will Browne published the first Introductory Textbook on Learning Classifier Systems. Below is an excerpt from a 2018 review/summary of this book published in Genetic Programming and Evolable Machines. Click Here to link to the complete article.

"Introduction to Learning Classifier Systems is an excellent textbook and introduction to Learning Classifier Systems. LCS are introduced didactically by means of an easily understandable example. The theoretical topics are introduced with absolute clarity, and it only remains for the reader to delve into specific approaches introduced in chapter four. The book is completed with Python code available through a link included in the book. Also, information to continue with the subject is included. Urbanowicz and Browne recommend their book for undergraduate and postgraduate students, data analysts, and machine learning practitioners alike. I consider the recommendation appropriate, although I would extend it to software developers and bioinformatics practitioners, as it is appropriate for anyone who wants to know and begin to use Learning Classifier Systems."