Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Urbanowicz Lab

Machine Learning Lectures

An Introduction to Machine Learning







Click HERE to view my Machine Learning 101 Workshop lecture, introducing the basics of machine learning as part of an LDI / IBI collaboration. You can skip ahead to the start of the lecture at time (00:06:25) and it ends at (01:19:00) after which there is about another 45 minutes of questions and discussion included.  The slides for this talk are available via GitHub.  Click HERE for an article covering this first workshop event.

Machine Learning: Building an Analysis Pipeline











Click HERE to view my Machine Learning 102 Workshop lecture that walks through many of the essential/important elements of a machine learning pipeline for analysis and publication. This lecture was paired with an example Jupyter notebook (in Python) that serves as a stand alone educational resource, or paired with the lecture itself.  This notebook and the talk slides are both available in our ML_Pipeline_Notebook GitHub repository. This workshop was similarly part of an LDI / IBI collaboration. Click HERE for an article covering this second workshop.