Message from the Director

"We decided very quickly after meeting the leadership teams of the Vingroup including VinUni and Vinmec, that while this relationship had a huge scope, it was a fantastic opportunity. To build something unique in Vietnam and to bring the quality of leading universities in the world to Vietnam in the Health Sciences – that is what is so novel about VinUniversity. So our commitment is to ensure this happens."

- Glen N Gaulton, PhD


In June 2018, Penn entered into a formal alliance with the Vingroup to improve health care and to create new undergraduate and graduate medical training programs in Vietnam. The alliance is positioned to extend Penn's global reach through the creation of a new Center of Regional Engagement in Southeast Asia (based in Vietnam). The new Center will focus initially on the establishment of medical and nursing schools within a newly formed private, nonprofit university (VinUniversity) and enhancement of graduate medical education and health care provision within Vietnam’s largest private nonprofit health system (Vinmec). Both VinUniversity and Vinmec are components of the Vingroup, Vietnam’s largest private company, a business that shares Penn Medicine’s commitment to community service through the transformation of health care.