Vingroup-Penn Alliance


Research Working Group

Over the next three to five years, Vinmec and VinUniversity aim to establish a high-quality and healthcare impactful research program, with the goals of improving clinical practice, impacting population health, expanding clinical services through implementation of high-tech services, and solidifying VinUniversity’s academic standing by contributing to medical science globally. The research strategy builds on unique areas of expertise and opportunities in which Vinmec’s impact to patients and the pubic at-large would be greatest within the shortest period of time.

Vinmec is well-positioned to become the leading private health system in Vietnam and a key player at the regional level. The strategic plan of Vinmec and VinUniversity acknowledges the critical role for research in achieving the overarching goal to deliver outstanding quality health care in all its dimensions based on academic excellence and impact.

Overarching aims

The Program will pursue the following overarching aims:

  • To contribute to the improvement of the level and quality of clinical practice for diagnosis, treatment, care and prevention;
  • To enhance the status and reputation of Vinmec as academic medical health system;
  • To contribute to the health and well-being of Vinmec clients and the people of Vietnam through innovation in basic and clinical research, their application to improve health outcomes, and to advance technology in medicine;
  • To build a robust academic health system with sustained capacity building integrated with education.

To achieve these aims, the program will:

  • Comprise a combination of basic, clinical and population research, with strong international outlook and multidisciplinary approaches;
  • Focus on major determinants of disease burden in Vietnam, where appropriate linked to cutting edge clinical trials;
  • Build on innovative technologies including molecular technologies and cell-based technologies;
  • Comprise a strong component in epidemiology and prevention.

All three pillars of medical research (basic, clinical and population-based) will be built at Vinmec; each of them, however, will be shaped around the priority areas and approaches outlined by Vinmec and VinUniversity leadership. In particular, basic research will be targeted towards the development of new products and technologies, such as stem cell-based and gene-therapy, and development of prognostic biomarkers. Clinical and population research will focus on needs of Vinmec patients’ population and the disease areas in which Vinmec research may exert the greatest impact.