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Welcome to the Wellen Lab

Cells rely on accurate assessment of nutrient availability in order to make decisions about growth and proliferation, differentiation and function, and even their own survival.  Our laboratory’s research aims to elucidate mechanisms of crosstalk between metabolic pathways, signaling networks, and the epigenome.  We have a major focus acetyl-CoA metabolism, which plays crucial roles at this intersection, due to its dual roles in both lipid synthesis and as the acetyl donor for acetylation reactions.  Current projects in the lab are investigating mechanisms through which metabolites are sensed and the cellular processes regulated by metabolite sensing mechanisms, the role of nutrition in regulating acetyl-CoA metabolism in different cell types and how this impacts systemic metabolic health, and how acetyl-CoA production and utilization is altered in cancer cells, exposing potential therapeutic vulnerabilities. 



Congratulations to Steve on his successful thesis defense!

Luke’s commentary “Histone lactylation links metabolism and gene regulation” is out in Nature: