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May, 2024

Congrats to Julianna on publication of her paper “ACLY alternative splicing correlates with cancer phenotypes” in JBC!

April, 2024

Congratulations to Phuong on a successful thesis defense!  Great job!!

March, 2024

Congrats to Prateek on being awarded an F30 fellowship and a Patel Scholar Award!

Congrats to Christina on being awarded an Anna D. Barker AACR Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Nov, 2023

Welcome to Jen Pennise, joining as a Research Specialist!

Oct, 2023

Congratulations to Joyce on her thesis defense! 

Sept, 2023

Welcome to Alison Jaccard, joining as a postdoctoral fellow!

Welcome to fall rotation student Noah Ford!

May, 2023

Congratulations to Julianna on receiving the Patel Scholar Award!

At CSHL Mechanisms of Metabolic Signaling, Phuong gave an oral presentation of her work, and Laura, Julianna, and Prateek all presented posters

Congratulations to Aimee on her new position as Assistant Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Princeton!

Congratulations to Luke on publication of his paper  “Acetylcarnitine shuttling links mitochondrial metabolism to histone acetylation and lipogenesis.”

April, 2023

Congratulations to Luke on a successful thesis defense!

Sept, 2022

Congratulations to Prateek for being awarded a slot on the Genetics T32 training grant!

Congratulations to Aimee for being awarded a slot on the Tumor Virology T32 training grant!

June, 2022

Welcome to summer student Adia Drayton!

Congratulations to Prateek on successfully passing his prelim exam!

May, 2022

Welcome to Romie Azor, a new PhD student from the BMB program!

February, 2022

Welcome to Prateek Sharma, joining the lab as an MD/PhD student jointly in the Thaiss lab!

Welcome to Christina Demetriadou, joining the lab as a postdoc jointly in the Snyder lab!

January, 2022

Congratulations to Mike on being awarded an F31 fellowship! 

November, 2021

Congratulations to Sydney for publication of her paper “Glutamine deprivation triggers NAGK-dependent hexosamine salvage. “ in eLife!

Congratulations to Sophie for publication of her paper:”Quantitative subcellular acyl-CoA analysis reveals distinct nuclear metabolism and isoleucine-dependent histone propionylation” in Molecular Cell!

October, 2021

Congratulations to Laura on her selection for the Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism T32 training grant!

Congratulations to Pedro, who was selected for a FDA-AACR fellowship!

September, 2021

Welcome to rotation students Romie Azor (BMB) and Maya Foster (CAMB/CB)!

July, 2021

Welcome to Jack Drummond, joining the lab as a Research Specialist!

June, 2021

Welcome to Pedro Costa-Pinheiro, joining the lab as a postdoctoral fellow!

May, 2021

Congrats to Dr. Sydney Campbell on her thesis defense!

Congrats to Laura and Julianna on passing their prelim exams!

February, 2021

Congrats to Julianna on being awarded an F31 fellowship!

December, 2020

Welcome to our newest graduate student Phuong Nguyen!

September, 2020

Welcome to Aimee Farria, joining the lab as a postdoctoral fellow!

June, 2020

Congrats to Luke on being awarded a slot on the Tumor Virology T32 training grant!

Welcome to Julianna Supplee, PhD student in the BMB program, jointly joining our lab and the Marmorstein lab!

Congratulations to Joyce on funding of her F30 fellowship!

May, 2020

Congratulations to new PhD candidate Mike, who has passed his prelim! 

April, 2020

Congratulations to Steve on being award the 2020 Saul Winegrad Award for Outstanding Dissertation! 

March, 2020

New research study published: Dietary fructose feeds hepatic lipogenesis via microbiota-derived acetate. Congratulations to Steve and all involved!  Shareable link:

Welcome to Laura Pinheiro, from the BMB graduate group, joining the lab as a PhD thesis student!   

February, 2020

Congrats to Sophie on her review article: Compartmentalized acyl-CoA metabolism and roles in chromatin regulation, now online:

Congratulations to Joyce on publication of her review article: Advances into understanding metabolites as signaling molecules in cancer progression

January, 2020

Check out Sophie’s 60 Second Metabolist video on her recent Molecular Metabolism paper:

Oct, 2019

Luke’s commentary “Histone lactylation links metabolism and gene regulation” is out in Nature:

Congratulations to Steve on his successful thesis defense!

Congratulations to Sophie on publication of her study in Molecular Metabolism!

Subcellular metabolic pathway kinetics are revealed by correcting for artifactual post harvest metabolism

Sept, 2019

Hayley’s commentary in Cancer Discovery:

Epigenetic Control of Fatty-Acid Metabolism Sustains Glioma Stem Cells

July, 2019

Welcome to Mike Noji, a new CAMB/Cancer Biology PhD student joining the lab!

Congratulations to Luke, who has been selected for a slot on the Cell and Molecular Biology Training Grant!

May, 2019

Congratulations to Sully, who was selected for a slot on the Endocrine T32 training grant!

New research paper published: Adipocyte ACLY Facilities Dietary Carbohydrate Handling to Maintain Metabolic Homeostasis in Females

Congrats to Sully and John!

Congrats to Joyce and Luke for passing their prelims!

April, 2019

Welcome to Salisa Kruijning, joining us as a visiting student from the Netherlands

January, 2019

Alessandro’s research paper is published in Cancer Discovery: Acetyl-CoA metabolism supports multistep pancreatic tumorigenesis

December, 2018

Welcome to our newest lab member, Joyce Liu, an MD/PhD student in the BMB program!

August, 2018

New review article published:  Metabolic Signaling to the Nucleus in Cancer, Mol Cell. 2018 Aug 2;71(3):398-408. 

July, 2018

Welcome to Hayley Affronti, joining the lab as a postdoctoral fellow!

June, 2018

Welcome to Luke Izzo, joining the lab as a new CAMB/Cancer Biology PhD student!

May, 2018

Congratulations to Sophie for winning a poster award at the NYAS Cancer Metabolism and Signaling Symposium!

Sophie’s commentary “Metabolite regulates differentiation” appears in Science.

April, 2018

New Research Study is published:  Acetyl-CoA promotes glioblastoma cell adhesion and migration through Ca2+-NFAT Signaling, in Genes and Development.  Congratulations to Joyce and all involved! Click Here to view the recent twitter post from Penn

December, 2017

Sophie is awarded in ADA Postdoctoral Fellowship

November, 2017

Review article published!

Spatiotemporal Control of Acetyl-CoA Metabolism in Chromatin Regulation (Sivanand et al, Trends in Biochemical Sciences)

September, 2017

Steve is awarded an F99/K00 fellowship!

August, 2017

Congratulations to Joyce on her successful thesis defense.

July, 2017

Congratulations to Sharanya on her successful thesis defense.

Congratulations to Sharanya for publication of her study in Molecular Cell!  

Link to Article:

May, 2017

Welcome to Katharina Huber, joining us as a visiting student from Graz, Austria!

Congratulations to Isabella, for her acceptance into the University Scholars program!

April, 2017

Dr. Wellen is promoted to Associate Professor, with Tenure

Karla is selected for Jumpstart for Juniors program

March, 2017

Sydney Campbell is awarded an F31 predoctoral fellowship.

Webinar: Deciphering cancer: The intersection of epigenetics, metabolism, and tumorigenesis

Kathryn E. Wellen, Jason Locasale

February, 2017

Steve Zhao's research is highlighted in the CAMB student newsletter:

CAMB Student Newsletter

October, 2016

Congratulations to Sydney Campbell, who was recently appointed to the "Training in Tumor Virology” training grant. T32-CA-115299.

Steven Zhao and AnnMarie Torres' recent publication, ATP-Citrate Lyase Controls a Glucose-to-Acetate Metabolic Switch was selected to be featured on the cover of Cell Reports.

Cell Reports Cover 10 2016