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Neil R. Malhotra, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery at the Pennsylvania Hospital
Attending Neurosurgeon, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Attending Neurosurgeon, The Pennsylvania Hospital
Director, Penn Interdisciplinary Spine Journal Research Forum: Fostering multispecialty collaborative atmosphere for improved patient care and research.
Director and Founder, Penn Surgical Technology Group: Developing intelectual property around surgical innovations.
Representative, Unit Based Clinical Leadership Program: Initiating unit based changes to optimize patient care and safety
Department: Neurosurgery

Contact information
Department of Neurosurgery
3400 Spruce Street
3rd Floor Silverstein Pavilion
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-615-5454
Fax: 215-349-5534
BA (High Distinction Scholar)
University of Virginia, 1997.
MD (Doctor of Medicine)
University of Virginia, 2002.
Post-Graduate Training
Intern in General Surgery, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Surgery, 2002-2003.
Resident in Neurosurgery, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Neurosurgery, 2003-2008.
Fellow in Neurosurgery, Senior Specialist Registrar Southwest Neurosurgical Centre, Derriford Hospital, UK Fellowship Coordinator: Anne J. Moore MD, MBBS, BSc, FRCS , 2007-2007.
Chief Resident, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Neurosurgery, 2008-2009.
American Board of Neurosurgery, Board Eligible, 2009.
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Description of Research Expertise

Dr. Malhotra's primary research interests focus on restorative approaches to treat degenerative disc disease to reduce the need for invasive surgery and offer better treatment for those who do not meet rigorous surgical criteria. His interests focus on tissue engineering to develop treatments to restore native tissue mechanics of the spine while delivering therapeutic agents and supporting tissue regeneration. In 2007 he received the prestigious Neurosurgery Research and Education Foundation Fellowship to develop these concepts.

Description of Clinical Expertise

Dr. Malhotra provides expertise in the care of a broad range of brain and spine neurological disorders. He takes particular interest in the development of less invasive techniques for spinal reconstruction and tumor resection. His clinical goals focus on optimizing quality of life as well as life expectancy for disorders of the nervous system. Where surgery is not indicated Dr. Malhotra leads the interdisciplinary physician group to ensure optimal care is provided to his patients.

Throughout his career Dr. Malhotra has consistently volunteered his time to develop methods to improve the care of neurosurgical patients. He has led committees to reduce hospital infections, patient falls, and improve the patient experience. He has dedicated time to develop and assess all possible technologies employed by all specialties providing treatment for spine disorders. This has placed him in a unique position of truly understanding of what has proven benefit, both surgical and nonsurgical, for patients.

During his training he served as Chief Resident, providing complex neurosurgical care at the University of Pennsylvania, a Top center for neurology and neurosurgery. In 2008 Dr. Malhotra was selected for Fellowship at Plymouth Derriford Hospital in the United Kingdom where he served as Senior Specialist Registrar. Dr. Malhotra graduated with high distinction from the University of Virginia where he was the J. Collins Scholar.

Selected Publications

Boockvar JA, Stiefel M, Malhotra NR, Dolinskas C, Dwyer-Joyce C, LeRoux PD: Dural Cavernous Angioma of the Posterior Sagittal Sinus Surg Neurol 63(2): 178-181, Feb. 2005.

Cloyd JM, Malhotra NR, Weng L, Chen W, Mauck RL, Elliott DM: Material properties in unconfined compression of human nucleus pulposus, injectable hyaluronic acid-based hydrogels and tissue engineering scaffolds Eur Spine J 16(11): 1892-1898, Nov 2007.

Chen HI, Malhotra NR, Oddo M, Heuer GG, Levine JM, LeRoux PD: Barbiturate infusion for intractable intracranial hypertension and its effect on brain oxygenation. Neurosurgery 63(5): 880-6, Nov 2008.

Malhotra NR, Thomas P, Grady MS: Chapter 28: Injury to the Spine. Trauma: Contemporary Principles and Therapy. Flint L, Meredith JW, Schwalb CW, Trunkey DD, Rue LW, Taheri PA (eds.). Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Philadelphia, PA, Page: 297-304, 2008.

Neil R. Malhotra, M.D.: An In-Situ Polymerizing Hydrogel to Mimic Nucleus Pulposus Ex Vivo and In Vitro. Society Scientific Paper of the Year: Pennsylvania Neurosurgical Society Meeting, Hershey, PA. July 2008 Notes: Abstract presentation.

Malhotra NR: The Best Operation for Chronic Subdural Hematoma: A Decision Analysis. Best Scientific Poster Award: Pennsylvania Neurosurgical Society Meeting, Hershey, PA. July 2008 Notes: Abstract presentation.

Malhotra NR, Grady MS: Chapter 15: Anterior Cervical Foraminotomy Technique. Spine Surgery: Tricks of the Trade, 2nd ed. Vacaro AR (eds.). Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc. Page: 54-56, 2009.

Malhotra NR, Whitfield P: Review of “The Legacy of Harvey Cushing.” Advances in Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation (ACNR) 8(3), 2008.

Thomas P., Malhotra, N.R., Grady M.S.: Injury to the Spinal Cord. Trauma: Contemporary Principles and Therapy. Flint, L., Meredith, W., Schwalb, W., Taheri, P., Trunkey, D. (Ed.) (eds.). Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2008.

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