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Douglas C Wallace

Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Graduate Group Affiliations

Contact information
The Center for Mitochondrial and Epigenomic Medicine at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Research Institute
The Colket Translational Research Building, Rm 6060
3501 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104-4302
Office: 267-425-3034
B.S. (Genetics, Developmental Biology)
Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, 1968.
M. Phil. (Microbiology and Human Genetics)
Yale University, New Haven CT, 1972.
PhD (Microbiology and Human Genetics)
Yale University, New Haven CT, 1975.
Post-Graduate Training
Predoctoral Research, Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory, 1971-1971.
Predoctoral Research, Department of Microbiology, Yale University, 1971-1975.
NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship, Department of Human Genetics, Yale University, 1975-1976.
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Selected Publications

Kandel J, Angelin AA, Wallace DC, Eckmann DM: Mitochondrial respiration is sensitive to cytoarchitectural breakdown. Integr Biol (Camb) 8(11): 1170-1182, November 2016.

Pham TD, Pham PQ, Li J, Letai AG, Wallace DC, Burke PJ: Cristae remodeling causes acidification detected by integrated graphene sensor during mitochondrial outer membrane permeabilization. Sci Rep 6(35907), October 2016.

Kokoszka JE, Waymire KG, Flierl A, Sweeney KM, Angelin A, MacGregor GR, Wallace DC: Deficiency in the mouse mitochondrial adenine nucleotide translocator isoform 2 gene is associated with cardiac noncompaction. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1857(8): 1203-12, August 2016.

Potluri P, Procaccio V, Scheffler IE, Wallace DC: High throughput gene complementation screening permits identification of a mammalian mitochondrial protein synthesis (ρ-) mutant. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1857(8): 1336-43, August 2016.

Wallace DC: Genetics: Mitochondrial DNA in evolution and disease. Nature 535(7613): 498-500, July 2016.

Pham TD, Wallace DC, Burke PJ: Microchambers with Solid-State Phosphorescent Sensor for Measuring Single Mitochondrial Respiration. Sensors (Basel) 7: 1065, July 2016.

Shah S, Carriveau WJ, Li J, Campbell SL, Kopinski PK, Lim HW, Daurio N, Trefely S, Won KJ, Wallace DC, Koumenis C, Mancuso A, Wellen KE.: Targeting ACLY sensitizes castration-resistant prostate cancer cells to AR antagonism by impinging on an ACLY-AMPK feedback mechanism. Oncotarget. 7(28): 43713-43730, Jul 2016.

Picard M, Wallace DC, Burelle Y: The rise of mitochondria in medicine. Mitochondrion 30: 105-116, July 2016.

Wallace, DC: Genetics: Mitochondrial DNA in evolution and disease. Nature 535(7613): 498-500, July 2016.

Shen L, Diroma MA, Gonzalez M, Navarro-Gomez D, Leipzig J, Lott MT, van Oven M, Wallace DC, Muraresku CC, Zolkipli-Cunningham Z, Chinnery PF, Attimonelli M, Zuchner S, Falk MJ, Gai X: MSeqDR: A Centralized Knowledge Repository and Bioinformatics Web Resource to Facilitate Genomic Investigations in Mitochondrial Disease. Human Mutation 37(6): 540-08, June 2016.

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