Medical Scientist Training Program

Student Resources

The MD-PhD students below have volunteered to be a resource for our current Penn MD-PhD students who are considering applying for an individual fellowship. You can e-mail them with particular questions or to arrange to get together and talk over the process:

 Student  Grad Group Year Awarded Agency / Org
Dana Bellissimo CAMB 2015 NCI
Robert Dilley CAMB 2016 NIGMS
Matt Emmett CAMB 2014 NIDDK
Alice Ford NGG 2014 NINDS
Austin Good CAMB 2015 NIDDK
Lucie Guo BMB 2014 NCI
Ryan Jamiolkowski BE 2014 NIAID
Yong Hoon Kim CAMB 2016 NIDDK
Ted Kreider CAMB 2014 NIAID
Jae Lee IMUN 2015 NCI
Mischa Li CAMB 2014 NCI
Jason Liu CAMB 2015 NCI
Monica Liu BMB 2015 NCI
Ian Mellis GCB 2016 NINDS
Sheila Shanmugan NGG 2016 NIA
Sydney Shaffer BE 2014 NIAID
Alan Tang PHRM 2016 NINDS
Liz Traxler CAMB 2014 NIDDK
Michael Werner IMUN 2016 NIDDK

Many of the above students have provided our office with a copy of their application for current Penn MD-PhD students to review. If you’d like to request a copy, please contact Amy Nothelfer.