Department of Psychiatry
Penn Behavioral Health

Penn Psychosis Evaluation and Recovery Center (Penn PERC)

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For each person with signs of early psychosis, prompt and effective treatment is of highest importance for recovery and long-term outcome. For interested participants and their family members our program offers a 6-month course of intensive multimodal personalized and group based interventions with the purpose of achieving maximal early improvement in clinical symptoms, cognition and preservation of functioning. Key elements of the program are supported by a Mental Health Block Grant (MHBG) provided through the State of Pennsylvania.

This treatment regimen will include

  1. Individual psychotherapy using a problem focused approach and cognitive-behavioral interventions at a weekly to bi-weekly frequency.

  2. Symptom based medication treatment, if indicated, with weekly to bi-weekly visits.

  3. Cognitive remediation includes a 2 to 3 month treatment program that involves small group meetings, as well as individual computerized training modules through BrainHQ from Posit Science Inc. The cognitive domains tapped include: 1) Attention; 2) Brain Speed (i.e., speeded processing); 3) Memory; 4) People Skills; 5) Intelligence. All interventions are delivered with a secure Internet login allowing the patient to also practice from home.

  4. Community support to assist in scholastic and social integration will be provided by a master’s level clinician who will meet with the patients during clinical appointments and also, if needed, in the community.

  5. Family support groups provided by an experienced clinician are scheduled at weekly intervals to provide education, support and coping strategies for families.