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Shedding More Light on PPD
sad cartoonDr. Kim, a psychiatrist with the Penn Center for Women's Behavioral Wellness was featured by Penn Medicine to discuss postpartum depression and a 4-step process for proper diagnosis. Click here to read the article

Flibanserin: The Female Viagra Discussed with Philly Mag
heart pillsDr. Epperson, Director of the Penn Center for Women's Behavioral Wellness was interviewed by Sandy Hingston of Philadelphia Magazine regarding her thoughts on the implications of a new FDA-approved drug for female libido and root causes for hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSDD) in women. Click here to read the entire article

Dr. Epperson Interviewed by Fox 29 for Insight on Postpartum Depression
haydenDr. Epperson spoke with Fox29 Weekend to shed light on a widely undiscussed topic, Postpartum Depression. PPD has come into the spotlight recently due to Hayden Panetierre sharing news that she was seeking treatment for the condition last fall. Click here to view the interview

Dr. Epperson Featured in UPenn Department of Psychiatry Newsletter
neillDr. Epperson discusses the decline in executive functioning post-menopause and the effectiveness of a psychostimulant called lisdexamfetamine.
Click here to access the Departmental Newsletter

Dr. Epperson and Study Participant Interviewed about the Effectiveness of Psychostimulant by CBS-3
pillsDr. Epperson and study participant Leigh Costigan were interviewed by CBS-3. Ms. Cositgan spoke first-hand about her experience with the study drug and Dr. Epperson spoke about the study findings and success.
Click here to see the news segment

Effectiveness of Vyvanse Featured in Medscape Medical News
ladyDr. Epperson discusses the results of her double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study using Vyvanse® to treat post-menopausal women suffering from a decline in attention, memory, problem solving and time management. Women all experienced the onset of symptoms after going through the menopause transition. Click here to read the article

PCWBW Featured by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
handsSAMHSA interviewed Dr. Epperson regarding the Center's clinical initiatives and research studies. The article covers the PCWBW's lifespan approach to women's wellness using a private practice model. Click here to read the feature

Timing and Range of Maternal Mental Illness
ppdThe New York Times posted an article which focuses on the many aspects of postpartum depression. PCWBW's Perinatal Chief, Dr. Kim and Director, Dr. Epperson, also published an article with Dr. Katherine Wisner (quoted in the NY Times article) on postpartum depression.
Click here to be redirected to Dr. Kim's publications page and to read the article on Postpartum Depression

Treatment Considered for Menopausal Women Who Can't Focus
CNEDr. Epperson was interviewed by Stacey Burling at the Philadelphia Inquirer about her research on menopausal women with memory and attention complaints.
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Premature Menopause May Effect Women's Brains reported on the relationship between early menopause (before age 50) and decline in psychomotor coordination as well as memory.
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Should Severe Premenstrual Symptoms Be Considered a Mental Disorder?
peopleDr. Epperson was interviewed by NPR to discuss her thoughts on severe PMS/PMDD being classified as a mental health disorder.
Click here to read the interview

Postpartum Depression Treatment
ppdDr. Lindsay Sortor was interviewed by CBS Philly's John McDevitt regarding treatment for postpartum depression.
Click here to read the interview

The New Normal: Adjustment After Cancer
ask the docDr. Lindsay Sortor, PCWBW senior staff psychologist, was featured in the A Woman's Health e-publication of Ask the Doctor. Dr. Sortor weighed in on topics from the psychological effects of a cancer diagnosis on the patient to the important role of caregivers and partners. Click here for the article

"The questions you always wanted to ask your mother..."
fhDr. Epperson spoke at the Fountain House Associates 3rd annual Spring breakfast entitled "Between The Sheets." Dr. Epperson spoke about various topics including age and sex drive, medications that affect sexual behavior and treatment options for common sexual dysfunctions. Click here for review

Treating Depression During Pregnancy
ladyDr. Epperson was interviewed for a March 2013 article in Fit Pregnancy, which discussed how expectant mothers can help fight depression during pregnancy. In addition to medications, several other therapies have been studied, including light therapy and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), Dr. Epperson said. Click here to download the full article

Helen O. Dickens Center Could Serve as National Model for Integrated Care
patientDr. Epperson speaks about fusing mental health care with a gynecology setting. This model of integrated care hopes to make patients more comfortable with accepting and utilizing mental health care. Click here for the interview

Dr. Epperson Speaks About The Female Brain and Aging

kjhfDr. Epperson spoke on behalf of Penn Medicine about female brain health, aging, stress and exercise in this newly acquired video. Click here to watch the full presentation

Penn Psychiatry Perspective Highlights Dr. Epperson in "Ask The Expert"
kjncDr. Epperson was asked to answer questions about her field of expertise. She discussed issues concerning behavioral health at menopause including mood, cognitive and libido changes.
Click here for the Newsletter

Dr. Epperson Interviewed by Psychiatric News About PMDD
Dr. Epperson weighed in on the emergence of PMDD as a distinct mood disorder and it's preferential response to SSRIs. Dr. Epperson stated that women with PMDD often experience significant distress or interference with work, school social activities or relationships with others.
Click here to read the article in Psychiatric News

Drs. Epperson and Bale Highlighted in the Penn Almanac

alDr. Epperson and Dr. Tracy Bale were honored on the front page of the University of Pennsylvania Almanac for receiving the NIH grant to study sex and gender differences.
Click here to see the article in the Almanac


Penn Medicine Receives $3.7 Million Grant from NIH to Study Gender Differences
male and female
Dr. Epperson and Dr. Tracy Bale, Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the Perelman School of Medicine and Director, Neuroscience Center at the University of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine, were awarded a $3.7 million grant to study sex and gender differences in mental health disorders.
Click here to see the announcement in Penn Medicine News

CBS News Broadcast Features Menopause & Memory Study
thinking womanA recent broadcast with CBS News chronicled a subject's experience throughout her participation in the Menopause & Memory Study. Dr. Epperson explains how the study drug, Vyvanse, has been shown to subjectively increase mental clarity, attention and energy levels in menopausal women.
Click here for video

TMS Study Participant Speaks out About her Positive Experience
tmsIn a recent interview with NBC 10 News, The PCWBW's Perinatal Chief, Dr. Kim, and a recent study participant speak about the effects of TMS for depression and pregnancy. Dr. Kim explained how the treatment works and the participant explained her experience with depression and her outcomes from her study participation.
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Broken Heart Syndrome Mimics Heart Attack in Women
broken hearted
Dr. Epperson was interviewed by to weigh in on the effects of "Broken Heart Syndrome" which is brought on by stress and anxiety and affects predominantly women. Dr. Epperson stated many conditions are brought on by stress and loss of a loved one is certainly not a surprising stressor.
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Director Featured in Departmental News Letter
women shake hands
Dr. Epperson was profiled in the Spring 2012 Penn Psychiatry Perspective News Letter for her recent accomplishments. She is featured in the Honors section on page 10, as well as in the Clinical Recognitions on page 17.
Click here to download the newsletter

Enhancing Your Mood and Memory: Hormones are Just Part of the Story

Neill Dr. Epperson was a speaker at the Giorgio Armani sponsored Second Annual Fountain House Associates Spring Breakfast as featured in New York Social Diary.   Among the topics discussed were how hormones impact depression in women and the dangers of chronic stress, which damages areas of the brain where memory, cognition, and concentration occur.
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Psychological Effects of Urinary Incontinence and Solutions
Dr. Epperson and Dr. Lily Arya, Associate Professor and Chief of Urogynecology and Reconstructive Pelvic Surgery at UPenn spoke in Palm Beach, Florida regarding urinary incontinence in women. Drs. Epperson and Arya spoke not only about negative effects and potential causes, but different routes of treatment for those suffering from the condition.
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Possible Explanations for Low Libido in Women are Discussed

feetDr. Mike of the Fox News Network featured Dr. Epperson on his show to discuss decreased libido, or a condition called Low Sex Drive, which affects 4 out of 10 women. Dr. Epperson discussed how hormonal changes due to child birth or menopause, in addition to life stress, can lead to loss of libido.
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Links Between Depression and Migraine Headaches in Women Are Discussed
headacheDr. Epperson was interviewed by ABC News to discuss the links between migraines and depression in women. Dr. Epperson reports that migraines are two to three times more likely to occur in women than in men, and that hormonal fluctuations may be to blame.
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Low BDNF Levels Important for Fetal Development

Fetus Sucking ThumbDr. Kim, presented her research findings on brain-derived neurotropic factor, known as BDNF, in the bloodstream of pregnant women at the 2011 American Psychiatric Association Annual Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii this past May.  This study found lower levels   of BDNF, which is important to fetal development, in pregnant women than in non-pregnant women. 
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Doctors Fear New Study may Scare Pregnant Woman away From Medication

holding belly In new findings, researchers studied more than 200 moms for signs of depression and checked the babies to see how well they were developing. In an interview with WHYY Newsworks, Dr. Epperson says she is concerned that women who are depressed during pregnancy might interpret this latest study to mean that they shouldn't receive treatment after the baby is born.
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Doctors Weigh in on Medical Treatments for PPD

pillsSome women are taking pills made from their own dried placenta after giving birth in the hopes of thwarting postpartum depression. Dr. Kim discusses this phenomenon and states that there are no scientific studies supporting the placenta consumption. She fears women taking placenta pills instead of seeking medical treatment are taking a big risk. She also discusses known treatments for postpartum depression.
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Mood Changes Can be Due to Hormonal Fluctuations

angry womanDr. Epperson spoke about how many women experience changes in their mood due to hormonal fluctuations.     
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Depression Treatment During Pregnancy

sad pregnantIn an interview with WHYY Newsworks, Dr. Epperson talks about depression treatment during pregnancy.
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ABC Twitter Chat Focused on PPD

Twitter logoDr. Kim
joined ABC News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Richard Besser for a twitter chat focused on postpartum depression.
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ADHD Medication May Improve Memory in Menopause

BrainDr. Epperson was quoted in a Reuters Health article which reported that an ADHD medication may improve subjective attention and reduce memory difficulties in perimenopausal and postmenopausal women.
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PCWBW Lifespan Approach to Health is Highlighted

flowerThe Penn Center for Women's Behavioral Wellness is featured in the Summer 2010 edition of the Perelman School of Medicine Department of Psychiatry newsletter, the Penn Psychiatry Perspective.
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Mood Disorders in Women of Reproductive Age

pregnant womanDr. Epperson spoke about women's mental health at the 2010 American Psychiatric Association Annual Convention in New Orleans.
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ABC News Report on Parenting and Child Development

happy babyDr. Epperson
and Steven Berkowitz, MD, Director of the Penn Center for Youth and Family Trauma Response and Recovery, spoke with 6 ABC reporter and new mother Erin O'Hearn, about parenting and childhood development.
Click for article and video

Potential Outcomes of Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy

pillsDr. Kim
was interviewed by WHYY regarding a new study, which found that pregnant women who take antidepressants during the first trimester may have an increased risk of miscarriage.
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Health Issues Facing Women Over 40

womanMORE Magazine notes that some hospitals are offering programs specifically tailored to the health issues of women over 40, after decades of ignoring the differences between men and women. The article lists the Penn Center for Women’s Behavioral Wellness, one of a handful of female-centric outpatient mental health programs in the US, as the best place for women over 40 to seek treatment for depression. Director of the Center, Dr. Epperson was quoted in the article.
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Why American Women are Waiting to Start Families

mom swimmin with babyDr. Epperson
was quoted in an article which reports that more American women are starting families at an older age.
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Challenges Faced by Pregnant Women with Pre-Existing Health Conditions

'A WHYY report looks at the challenges that pregnant women with medical conditions face, to balance their own health needs with those of the fetus. Drs. Kim and Epperson were interviewed in the report, discussing the impact of mood disorders and medications on pregnant women and their fetuses.
Click for article - Dr. Epperson web chat
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- Dr. Kim interview

Dr. Epperson Discusses Returning to Work after Maternity Leave

'Dr. Epperson spoke with 6 ABC reporter and new mom Erin O'Hearn about some of the challenges associated with returning to work after maternity leave.
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Men who Experience PPD

;According to a New York Times article, the effects of postpartum depression in men can be every bit as disruptive as occurs with women.
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