Annual Center Symposia and Retreat

The yearly meeting of the Center as a whole, held at the National Constitution Center, spotlighting junior and senior Center investigators as well as featuring keynote talks from outside speakers and members of the external advisory board. Short talks are chosen from submitted abstracts and there is a poster session.

23rd Annual Retreat - 2024 - TBD

Into the wild: advances in mouse models integrating the natural environment

2023 Joint Microbiome Symposium

22nd Annual Retreat - 2022 "High Dimensional Analytics in Digestive and Liver Disease: From Single Cell to the Whole Human"

21st Annual Retreat - 2021 "Liver Disease across the Age Spectrum: Studies of Genetics and the Environment"

20th Annual Retreat – 2020 “Metabolic Control of GI Biology”

19th Annual Retreat – 2019 "Technological Advances in the Use of Human Digestive Tissues for Basic Science Research”

DDRC Symposium – 2018 "The Gut Microbiome as a Paradigm for the Opportunities and Challenges of Human Subject Research"

18th Annual Retreat – 2017 "Riding the innovation wave in preclinical models and therapies"

17th Annual Retreat – 2016 "3D organoids in the GI tract, liver and pancreas"

16th Annual Retreat – 2015 "Innovative perspectives on pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer"

15th Annual Retreat – 2014 "Liver biology and translational therapeutics"

14th Annual Retreat – 2013 "The intestinal stem cell: from the niche to the bedside"

13th Annual Retreat – 2012 "IBD, Functional Genomics and the Intestinal Mucousal Interface"

12th Annual Retreat – 2011 "Embryology to regenerative medicine in digestive and liver diseases"

11th Annual Retreat – 2010 "The biology of pancreatic development, regeneration & malignancy"

10th Annual Retreat – 2009 "Intestinal microbia in health & diseases"

9th Annual Retreat – 2008 "Stem cells in development, inflammation & cancer"

8th Annual Retreat – 2007 "Gut-brain-adipose interplay in health & disease"

7th Annual Retreat – 2006 "Advances in GI cancers: animal models to proteomics"

6th Annual Retreat – 2005 "Stem cells in development and diseases"

5th Annual Retreat – 2004 "The present & future of enteric pathogenesis & the GI tract"

4th Annual Retreat – 2003 "Endoderm-derived organs in GI liver development, differentiation & disease"

3rd Annual Retreat – 2002 "Regulation of lymphocyte biology in health & disease"

2nd Annual Retreat – 2001 "Molecular basis for neoplasia in the digestive tract"

1st Annual Retreat – 2000 "Molecular basis to hepatic gene regulation: From bench to bedside"