Anesthesia Resident


Many thanks to Dr. Jesse Kiefer and Dr. Andrew K. Gold for giving us access to this great material

Content Outline

TTE (Transthoracic Echocardiography)

  • Novice or Beginner: Videos 1 -4 will provide you with a background on ultrasound technology, equipment, and an introduction to TTE windows

  • Videos 5 will help you incorporate POCUS into the critical care unit

  • Ultrasound Examination of the Lung Video 6

TEE/TOE (Transesophageal Echocardiography)

  • Video 7-13


TTE Series

1.) Physics of Echocardiography by Dr. Jeremy Kukafka MD


2.) POCUS Knobology by Dr. Andrew K. Gold MD

3.)POCUS & Probe selection with Dr. Andrew K. Gold MD

4.) TTE Basics by Dr. Andrew K . Gold MD

5.) Hemodynamic Assessment by Dr. Emily K. Gordon MD, MSED

6.) Pulmonary/Lung POCUS by Dr. Andrew K. Gold MD


TEE Series

7.) Indications and Contraindications by Dr. Elizabeth Y. Zhou MD

8.) Basic TEE Exam by Dr. Ronak Shah MD

9.) Evaluation of the Aortic Valve by Dr. Lourdes Al Ghofaily MD

10.) Evaluation of the Mitral Valve by Dr. Saumil Patel MD

11.) Diastology by Dr. Ronak Shah MD

12.) Aortic Disease by Dr. Lourdes Al Ghofaily MD

13.) Intracardiac Shunts by Dr. Tal Mandelbaum MD