Pulmonary Critical Care Fellow

Welcome Pulm Crit Care Fellows!

Knowledgelink Butterfly Instructions

Ultrasound Locations

Enterprise Butterfly user guide

One Page Workflow Reminder


Video Lecture Series
Diagnostic Procedural

Knobology and Cardinal movements

Assessment for Pleural Effusion*

Assessment for Free Fluid in the Abdomen*

Lung Ultrasound Alphabet

POCUS for Pneumothorax


Cardiac Ultrasound Part 1

Cardiac Ultrasound Part 2

Cardiac Ultrasound Part 3

POCUS RUQ (by AJ Dean)

POCUS Aorta (by AJ Dean)

Bladder Volume *

ONSD for Intracranial Pressure (by Ashley Miller)

Ultrasound Guided Peripheral IV or the Core Ultrasound video

Ultrasound Guided Lumbar Puncture*

Ultrasound Guided IJ CVC*

Ultrasound Guided Subclavian CVC*

Ultrasound Guided Thoracentesis

Ultrasound Guided Paracentesis


Online Resources

Link to Sonosite Institute email Cameron if your account is not yet activated

Penn Butterfly

Core Ultrasound

A Pocket Guide To POCUS

PennPod POCUS channel

The POCUS Atlas

The University of Toronto TTE Simulator 


Self Assessment

Penn IM POCUS redcap quiz A general assessment for research
Practice Assessing LVEF 40 images complements of U Utah Anesthesia
Practice Naming Cardiac Anatomy A quiz complements of U Utah Anesthesia
RWMA Quiz A quiz of regional well motion complements of U Utah Anesthesia
Overall TTE Quiz A quiz complements of U Utah Anesthesia
Practice with Lung Ultrasound 10 questions complements of NephroPOCUS
Practice with renal and bladder Ultrasound 10 questions complements of NephroPOCUS
Life in the Fast Lane top 100 Ultrasound Cases 100 varied EM POCUS cases
Proceduralist Quiz 30 Question varied POCUS quiz with answers (hosted on GoogleDocs, so won't work on PennWifi)