Assessment for Pneumothorax

  • Normal Lung Sliding ("ants marching on a line"), does not completely rule out a Pneumothorax

No pneumothorax in this lung field                              


  • M-Mode Evaluation for Pneumothorax: M-Mode beam through the visceral/parietal pleural interface. Seashore sign signifies lung that is tidaling in this particular window. Barcode sign signifies lung that is not tidaling. This could represent various pathologies like pneumothorax, right mainstem intubation, etc.

Left: Seashore Sign       Right: Barcode Sign 



  • "Lung pulse", can be mistaken for "lung point." Lung pulse, which is seen here, is intermittent cardiac interference


  • "Lung point" This is where visceral and parietal pleura is separated or where pneumothorax is directly visualized. Absent lung sliding on the left of the screen with ventilating lung on the right with lung sliding.