A curriculum for family medicine residents


Knowledgelink Butterfly Instructions

Curriculum Guide

Enterprise Butterfly user guide - Many pages

Highlights on using the butterfly device - fewer pages

One page workflow guide - one page


Video Lectures

Overall goals of the curriculum

Assessment for Pleural Effusion*

Assessment for Free Fluid in the Abdomen*

Bladder Ultrasound how-to *

Lung Ultrasound Alphabet


Ultrasound Guided Peripheral IV*

POCUS Augmented Volume Assessment

Online Resources

POCUS Pearls, back to the basics (Free on Penn Wifi)

Link to Sonosite Institute - email Cameron Baston if your account is not yet activated

Penn Butterfly

Core Ultrasound

A Pocket Guide To POCUS

The POCUS Atlas

Self Assessment

Practice with Lung Ultrasound (complements of NephroPOCUS)

Practice with renal and bladder Ultrasound (complements of NephroPOCUS)