Schedule First Session

Complete an online intake form.  One of our EAP team members will call you back to schedule an appointment.

Or call us at (888) 321-4433 in Philadelphia or (800) 527-0035 in Princeton.

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If you are referred to an Affiliate Provider, here’s what you can expect.

Once you submit your online intake form, you will receive a call back from our EAP.  The EAP Clinician will match you with several providers whose specialization meet your clinical need.  The EAP Clinician will email this Authorization Referral List to you within an hour.

The client will then select and call a provider from that list identifying themselves and that they are calling to setup an EAP session.

The client will then contact our EAP and we will issue an authorization to the provider via our provider portal called PROVIDERfiles.  The provider can accept or reject the opportunity.

We will monitor that authorization and follow up if the provider has not yet accepted.  If however, the provider rejects the authorization, we will recommend an alternate provider and send a new authorization.  This process may continue until we secure your first appointment.

Please attend the session.  In the event you need to reschedule any appointments, please give the provider enough notice as per that provider’s Cancellation of No Show policy.  Please note that we do not reimburse the provider if you cancel or no show.

The provider will submit the session in PROVIDERfiles and will be reimbursed within 7 days.  You may receive a Session Validation survey to confirm the session.