Welcome to the Adult Autism Spectrum Program

For individuals on the autism spectrum and their families, the transition to adulthood and adulthood itself pose a substantial set of opportunities and challenges, such as these:

  • adjusting to activities of daily living and opportunities for increased independence as an adult
  • attaining educational goals, identifying areas of interest and strength that can become a vocation
  • developing work skills, finding and keeping a job
  • building social and communication skills
  • forming and navigating social relationships
  • feeling comfortable and confident in the community.

The Adult Autism Spectrum Program at Penn Medicine is dedicated to providing customized consultations, individual psychotherapy, and group therapy for adults on the spectrum. 


We are not able to schedule consults for new patients at this time

Consultations can address a wide range of issues for patients (age 16 and up) and their families across the entire spectrum, including these:

  • diagnosis
  • transition to adulthood
  • psychiatric issues related to ASD
  • development and implementation of treatment plans and support plans
  • coordination of medication treatment, when necessary, with behavioral treatment
  • modifying ongoing treatment plans to better address goals
  • building social, communication, and adaptive skills
  • interfering behaviors
  • educational issues
  • workplace and vocational issues
  • social and relationship issues
  • issues facing adult family members

Consultations can include the following services:

  • an initial consultation on these any of these issues for individuals, families, and other providers
  • a written report, summarizing findings from the initial consultation
  • periodic follow up consultations to help monitor progress towards goals and to provide updated recommendations


Depending on the particular needs of the patient, the Adult Autism Spectrum Program can also provide individual psychotherapy and/or group therapy.  The therapy that we offer is typically focused on helping patients to manage stress and anxiety, and to feel more comfortable, skillful, and confident in navigating the social world. 

At this time, we do not provide ongoing medication management. 

Our main goal is to help individuals on the spectrum, as well as their families, to optimize their wellbeing, their daily functioning, and the growth of their talents, skills, vocations, and relationships.