Alain H. Rook

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Professor of Dermatology
Department: Dermatology

Contact information
Department of Dermatology
14 Penn Tower
One Convention Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-662-6751
Fax: 215-349-8173
B.A. (Biology)
Brandeis University, 1971.
M.D. (Medicine)
University of Michigan, 1975.
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Selected Publications

Gardner JM, Introcaso CE, Nasta SD, Kim EJ, Vittorio CC and Rook AH: A novel regimen of vorinostat with interferon gamma for refractory Sezary syndrome. J Amer Acad Dermatol 61(1): 112-116, July 2009.

Hoeller C, Richardson SK, Ng LG, Valero T, Wysocka M, Rook AH and Weninger W: In vivo imaging of cutaneous T cell lymphoma migration to the skin. Cancer Res 69(7): 2704-2708, April 2009.

Gardner JM, Evans KG, Musiek A, Rook AH and Kim EJ: Update on Treatment of cutaneous T cell lymphoma. Curr Opin Oncol 21(2): 131-137, March 2009.

Gardner J, Evans K, Goldstein S, Kim EJ, Vittorio CC and Rook AH: Vorinostat for the treatment of bullous pemphigoid in the setting of advanced refractory cutaneous T cell lymphoma. Cutting Edge Section, Arch Dermatol Page: In Press, 2009.

Contassot E, Kerl K, Roques, Shane R, Rook AH and French LE: Resistance to FasL and TRAIL-mediated apoptosis in Sezary Syndrome T cells associated with impaired death receptor and cFLIP expression. Blood 111(9): 4780-4787, 2008.

Avarbock AB, Loren AW, Park JY, Junkins-Hopkins JM, Choi J, Litzky LA and Rook AH: Lethal vascular leak syndrome after denileukin diftitox administration to a patient with cutaneous gamma/delta T cell lymphoma and occult cirrhosis. Am J Hematol 83(7): 593-595, 2008.

Introcaso CE, Leber B, Greene K, Ubriani R, Rook AH and Kim EJ: Stem cell transplantation in advanced cutaneous T cell lymphoma. J Amer Acad Dermatol 58(4): 645-649, 2008.

Introcaso CE, Micaily B, Richardson SK, Junkins-Hopkins JM, Yoon JS, Kim EJ, Vittorio CC and Rook AH: Total skin electron beam therapy may be associated with improvement of peripheral blood disease in Sezary Syndrome. J Amer Acad Dermatol 58(4): 592-595, 2008.

Yoon JS, Wysocka M, Troxel AB, Newton SB, Hess SD, Richardson SK, Lin JH, Benoit BM, Kasprzycka M, Wasik MA and Rook AH : Interleukin-21 enhances antitumor responses without stimulating proliferation of malignant T cells of patient with leukemic cutaneous T cell lymphoma. J Invest Dermatol 128(2): 473-480, 2008.

Lin JH, Kim EJ, Bansal A, Seykora J, Richardson SK, Cha XY, Zafar S, Nasta S, Wysocka M, Benoit B, Rook AH and Fakharzadeh SS: Clinical and in vitro resistance to bexarotene in adult T cell leukemia: Loss of RXR-alpha receptor. Blood 112(6): 2484-2488, 2008.

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