Wenbo Gu

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Wenbo Gu, PhD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Radiation Oncology
Department: Radiation Oncology

Contact information
3400 Civic Center Boulevard
Philadelphia, PA 19104
BE (Nuclear Engineering)
Tsinghua University, 2014.
PhD (Medical Physics)
University of California - Los Angeles, 2020.
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Selected Publications

Kaishen Li, Jane Lawson, David Sutton, Michael Bieda, Taoran Li, Suneel Nagda, Wenbo Gu: Investigate HyperArc planning strategy for Linac-based brain stereotactic radiosurgery. 2023 AAPM Spring Clinical Meeting 2023.

Wenbo Gu, Khayrullo Shoniyozov, Alexander Lin, Wei Zou, Lei Dong, Kai Mei, Peter Noel, Boon-Keng Kevin Teo: Three Dimensional Printing of Modular Heterogeneous Density Devices for Range Modulation in FLASH Particle Therapy AAPM 65th Annual Meeting 2023.

Dixin Chen, Yun Yang, Virginia Lockamy, Wenbo Gu, Haisong Liu, Wenyin Shi, Lei Dong, Taoran Li: Revisiting MLC leaf width and single-isocenter multi-target SRS plan quality using latest automated dynamic conformal arc and VMAT planning solutions. 2023 RSS Scientific Meeting 2023.

Chenhui Qiu, Wenbo Gu, Huagang Yan, Weiyuan Sun, Ke Sheng, Wu Liu: Robust Inverse Treatment Plan Optimization for Radio-neuromodulation using Focused kV X-rays. AAPM 65th Annual Meeting 2023.

Ramesh P, Gu W, Ruan D, Sheng K.: Dose and dose rate objectives in Bragg peak and shoot‐through beam orientation optimization for FLASH proton therapy. Medical Physics Dec 2022.

Ramesh P, Lyu Q, Gu W, Sheng K.: Reformulated McNamara RBE-weighted beam orientation optimization for intensity modulated proton therapy. Medical Physics Feb 2022.

Gu W, Yoon SW, Hubley E, Haertter A, Freedman G, Taunk N, Zou W, Teo BK, Kennedy C, Dong L, Li T: Evidence-Based Evaluation of Skin Flash for Prone Breast Treatments by Using Edge Detection On Daily Exit Dosimetry Images. 63rd annual meeting of AAPM, Virtual Meeting Jul 2021 Notes: Poster.

Ramesh P, Liu H, Gu W, Sheng K.: Fixed Beamline Optimization for Intensity Modulated Carbon-Ion Therapy. IEEE Transactions on Radiation and Plasma Medical Sciences Jun 2021.

Gu W, Ruan D, Zou W, Dong L, Sheng K.: Linear energy transfer weighted beam orientation optimization for intensity-modulated proton therapy. Medical Physics 48(1): 57-70, Jan 2021.

Salerno M, Willimas G, Scheuermann R, Kennedy C, Agarwal M, Green W, Gu W, Zhang Z, Lun H, Carlson D, Dong L, Metz J and Li T: Deploying a Single-Energy O-Ring Linac as the Sole Treatment Machine in a Community Setting: A Feasibility Study. American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL 2021.

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