He Nucleus Xu

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Research Assistant Professor of Radiology
Technical Director, Britton Chance Laboratory of Redox Imaging, Johnson Research Foundation, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics, University of Pennsylvania
Department: Radiology

Contact information
B51 John Morgan Bldg, 3620 Hamilton Walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 215-746-2075
BS (Physics)
Ningxia University, Yinchuan, China, 1983.
MS (Optics)
Anhui Optics and Fine Mechanics Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Hefei, China, 1988.
MS (Chemistry)
Drexel University, 1993.
PhD (Chemistry)
Drexel University, 1999.
Post-Graduate Training
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pennsylvania, Department of Radiology, 2010-2014.
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Description of Research Expertise

Optical imaging of endogenous and/or exogenous fluorescence for the following research interests:
1) Identification of optical redox imaging biomarkers for cancer diagnosis/prognosis (cell culture, tissue, frozen clinical biopsy samples);
2) Identification of optical redox imaging biomarkers for aging and age-associated neurodegenerative diseases (cell culture, tissue, clinical biopsy samples);
3) Imaging biomarkers for prematurity-associated lung disorders;
4) Development of optical redox imaging methods for detecting therapeutic effects (cell culture & tissue);
5) Development of label-free optical imaging methods to quantify NADH and FAD signals in formalin-fixed-paraffin-embedded tissue slides;

Selected Publications

Xu, He N., Nioka, Shoko, Glickson, Jerry D., Chance, Britton, Li, Lin Z.: Quantitative mitochondrial redox imaging of breast cancer metastatic potential. J Biomed Opt. SPIE, 15(3): 036010, 2010.

Xu, H. N.*, Li, L. Z.: Quantitative redox imaging biomarkers for studying tissue metabolic state and its heterogeneity. J Innov Opt Health Sci 7(2): 1430002-1-20, 2014 Notes: *corresponding author.

Xu, He N.*, Tchou, Julia., Feng, Min, Zhao, Huaqing, Li, Lin Z*. : Optical redox imaging indices discriminate human breast cancer from normal tissues. J Biomed Opt 21: 114003, 2016 Notes: *corresponding author.

He N. Xu*, Min Feng, Kavindra Nath, David Nelson, Jeff Roman, Huaqing Zhao, Zhenwu Lin, Jerry Glickson, Lin Z. Li*: Optical redox imaging of lonidamine treatment response of melanoma cells and xenografts. Mol Imaging Biol 21(3): 426-435, 2019 Notes: *corresponding author.

He N. Xu*, Huaqing Zhao, Karthikeyani Chellappa, James G. Davis, Shoko Nioka, Joseph A. Baur, Lin Z. Li* : Optical redox imaging of fixed unstained muscle slides reveals useful biological information. Mol Imaging Biol 21(3): 417-425, 2019 Notes: *corresponding author.

Allison Podsednik, Annemarie Jacob, Lin Z. Li, He N. Xu*: Relationship between optical redox status and reactive oxygen species in cancer cells. React Oxyg Species. Cell Med Press, 9(26): 95-108, 2020 Notes: *corresponding author.

Xu, H. N., Lin, Z., Gandhi, C. K., Amatya, S., Wang, Y., Li, L. Z. and Floros, J.: Sex and SP-A2 dependent NAD(H) Redox Alterations in Mouse Alveolar Macrophages in Response to Ozone Exposure: Potential Implications for COVID-19. Antioxidants 9(10): 915, 2020.

Garcia-Mesa, Y., Xu, H. N., Vance, P., Gruenewald, A. L., Garza, R., Midkiff, C., Alvarez-Hernandez, X., Irwin, D. J., Gill, A. J. and Kolson, D. L. : Dimethyl fumarate, an approved multiple sclerosis treatment, reduces brain oxidative stress in SIV-infected rhesus macaques: Potential therapeutic repurposing for HIV neuroprotection. Antioxidants 10: 416, 2021.

Zhigang Zhang, He N. Xu, Siyu , Li, Antonio Jr Davila, Karthikeyani Chellappa, James G., Davis, Yuxia Guan, David W. Frederick, Weiqing Chu, Huaqing Zhao, Lin Z. Li, Joseph A. Baur: Rapamycin maintains NAD+/NADH redox homeostasis in muscle cells. Aging 12: 2-15, August 2020.

Xu, He N., Kadlececk, Stephen, Profka, Harrilla, Glickson, Jerry. D., Rizi, Rahim, Li, Lin Z.: Is higher lactate an indicator of tumor metastatic risk? A pilot MRS study using hyperpolarized 13C-pyruvate. Acad Radiol 21(2): 223-231, 2014.

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