Welcome to the CARE-7 Palliative Care Curriculum

The CARE-7 Palliative Care Curriculum aims to improve quality of life for seriously ill patients by developing holistically minded future physicians who not only excel in pain and symptom management, but also communicate compassionately and effectively to support these patients and their loved ones.

– Nadia L. Bennett, MD, MSEd, Associate Dean for UME Clinical and Health Systems Sciences Curriculum

CARE-7 is a novel new curriculum at the Perelman School of Medicine designed to significantly expand the skills and knowledge of future physicians by integrating palliative care training throughout all four years of medical education.

An acronym for communication, attention, responsiveness, and empathy—and based on seven key goals—CARE-7 employs best practices to ensure that all medical students graduate with the expertise to help patients and their families better negotiate the symptoms and stressors of serious protracted illness.