MD Admissions

Dear prospective applicants, thank you for your interest in the Perelman School of Medicine. Your decision to commit to a career in healthcare is an incredibly important one, and we welcome the opportunity to be part of your medical training. Caring for patients is a privilege, and aspiring physicians like you represent tremendous hope and inspiration for the future. There has never been a more exciting time to practice medicine, with novel discoveries and innovative breakthroughs improving our care. PSOM is at the heart of these medical advances, and our students represent the leaders in clinical medicine, research and education.

Dr. Neha Vapiwala, Associate Dean for Admission, Perelman School of Medicine

Learning for Life

Learning for Life

The Perelman School of Medicine enjoys an international reputation for innovation in areas ranging from leadership training to global health. Our groundbreaking curriculum  set a new standard for medical education nationwide.

The six-module MD curriculum integrates basic sciences and clinical experience from day one. It teaches students self-directed lifelong learning skills, interdisciplinary teamwork and technological proficiency in the practice of evidence-based medicine and patient-centered care.


Integration of basic and clinical sciences are taught by outstanding faculty committed to teaching throughout all years of medical education.


Educational program designed to learn and work in teams throughout medical school. One University campus provides availability and opportunities for educational enrichment. Dynamically evolving curriculum with the changing paradigm of health care locally, nationally, and globally.


Diverse opportunities allow customization of medical education so that your specific interests and career goals can be attained.


A Unique Opportunity in Medical Education 

Medical students can customize their education to suit their interests. More than 50 percent of each class remains at Penn beyond four years to take advantage of resources for dual degrees, certificates, global health experiences, and research.


Admissions Vision Statement

Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania will select students who will become future physician leaders in health care, advancing science and discovery and furthering the clinical, educational, research, health policy and medical entrepreneurial missions for our society. Graduates of the Perelman School of Medicine will be leading advocates for these endeavors within their local environment as well as for the health of national and international communities. We strive to recruit a diverse and inclusive class that reflects these goals.

Principles of Selection at PSOM:

Selection is based on a holistic review because different ancestry, gender, cultures, ethnicities, religions, sexual orientation, perspectives, educational backgrounds and accomplishments, socioeconomic levels and life experiences enrich our educational community and team-centered curriculum. Successful candidates demonstrate academic excellence, commitment to community service, scholarly/research achievement and leadership ability.

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