Administrative Structure

The training program is administered by BGS and the Department of Cell & Developmental Biology. BGS assists with website management, grant submission and the trainee application process. The Department of Cell & Developmental Biology provides administrative support to the Program Directors/Executive Committee for organizing training activities, submitting progress reports and grant renewals and financial management.   

The Executive Committee organizes the training program, with advice provided by training faculty and students. They work with the training program administration to plan activities, select trainees and evaluate the program. They also evaluate students for continuation on the training grant for a second year and provide guidance to the students throughout their PhD program, even after they rotate off of the grant. Faculty from the executive committee attend training activities, along with select training grant faculty.

Executive Committee

  • Marisa Bartolomei, PhD, Professor of Cell & Developmental Biology (Program Director)

  • Michael Marks, PhD, Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (Program Co-Director)

  • Craig Bassing, PhD, Associate Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine

  • Kathryn Wellen, PhD, Associate Professor of Cancer Biology

  • Michael Lampson, PhD, Associate Professor of Biology and Graduate Chair in Biology