Students are supported in Year 2 and 3 of training.

New trainees are selected each Spring by a competitive process assessing academic and research accomplishments. An email announcement soliciting applications is sent to all eligible students in the BGS graduate group umbrella as well as the Biology, Chemistry and Bioengineering graduate groups. Application includes academic record, letters of recommendation and assurance by the trainee and dissertation adviser that they will participate in training grant activities.

For an applicant to be considered for a position, their academic record should include:

  • Coursework (have taken or will take): BIOM 600 (Cell Biology) and BIOM 555 (Regulation of the Genome)

  • Planned dissertation research that will address fundamental processes in cell and/or molecular biology

  • Coursework in statistics

  • All T32 trainees must be U.S. citizens or green card holders

Responsibilities of Trainees

  • Participate in training grant activities while on training grant (see Activities section)

  • Preparing an Individual Development Plan (IDP) in conjunction with dissertation PI every year of training