Current Trainees

2020-2021 Trainees

Trainee Graduate Group Lab Mentor Research Project
Sara Alexander CAMB  Mark Goulian Stationary phase survival and the transcription factor SdiA
Gabriel Birchak CAMB Ben Black Elucidating requisite chromosomal features conferring formation, function, and stability via de novoestablishment in mouse models
Priyanka Chatterjee CAMB Mechthild Pohlschroder Cell signaling and motility regulation in the model archaeon Haloferax volcanii
Segovia Garcia


Roberto Bonasio Genetic and Biochemical Dissection of Polycomb Establishment
Cassidy Hemphill Biology Marisa Bartolomei Morphological and Epigenetic profile of hearts and brains from IVF offspring in a mouse model
Kay Katada CAMB Kathryn Hamilton  
Kaeri Martinez CAMB Sara Cherry Tug of War: How Bunyaviruses Vie for 5’ Caps from mRNA’s Tagged for Degradation
Madeline Merlino CAMB Kellie Jurado Defining antiviral immune responses at the maternal-fetal interface in congenital Zika virus infections
Emily O'Rourke CAMB Sunny Shin Mechanisms of inflammasome-mediated sensing and control of Salmonella in human macrophages
Megan Stefkovich CAMB Paul Titchenell Investigating glucokinase-mediated inhibition of Foxo1 in the liver

Former Trainees Currently Enrolled in the Program

Trainee Graduate Group Lab Mentor Research Project
Nicholas Grams CAMB Matthew Weitzman Investigating the Role of Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation in Adenoviral Progeny Production
Ronit Schwartz CAMB Igor Brodsky Defining mechanisms of heterogeneity in cell fate decisions during Yersinia infection
Matthew Tracey BMB Sara Cherry / Kristen Lynch Investigating the role of lncRNAs in the innate immune response to Zika virus infection
Patrick Walsh CAMB Eric Joyce Investigating the function of newly identified spatial genome regulators
Joanna Wong CAMB Andrew Vaughan Investigating the contribution of the venous endothelium in lung regeneration
Luella Allen-Waller Biology Katie Barott Investigating how endosymbiont metabolism affects host intracellular pH regulation
Marisa Egan ** CAMB Sunny Shin Investigating the molecular basis for human NAIP/NLRC4 inflammasome recognition of Salmonella Typhimurium
Elizabeth Gallagher CAMB Erika Holzbaur Evaluating the role of Leucine Rich Repeat Kinase 2 (LRRK2) in mitochondrial damage response
Gabriella Rice CAMB Panteleimon Rompolas Resolving the differentiation trajectory of the stem cells that support sebaceous gland turnover
Alexander Smith CAMB Joseph Zackular Characterizing the Molecular Mechanisms of Pathogen-Microbiota Interactions During Clostridium difficile Infection
Bailey Warder CAMB Steve DiNardo Elucidating the cell mechanics that underlie stem cell niche morphogenesis
Rebecca Glynn CAMB Craig Bassing Elucidating the mechanism of V(D)J recombination feedback inhibition and its role in preventing oncogenic translocations in lymphocytes
Luke Izzo CAMB Kathryn Wellen Investigating the role of ACLY and acetyl-CoA metabolism in hepatocellula carcinoma
Brittany Mactaggert CAMB Anna Kashina Investigating the role of protein arginylation in the cytoskeleton
Emily O'Driscoll CAMB Ophir Shalem Genome-wide investigation of proteolytic cleavage
Ioana Soaita CAMB Zoltan Arany Investigating the impact of diabetic metabolic dysfunction ont eh vascular epigenetic landscape
Desiree Alexander CAMB Shelley Berger The impact of ACSS2 on neuronal plasticity and long term memory
Nina Montoya CAMB Joseph St. Geme III Investigating molecular mechanisms of pathogenesis and immune evasion in the pediatric pathogen Kingella kingae
Alexandra Perlegos NGG Nancy Bonini Impact of dynamic RNA modification m6A during various types of cellular stress
Kelly Sullivan CAMB Greg Bashaw Elucidate how structural elements assist Comm-mediated Robo trafficking and degradation

** Cell and Molecular Biology Training Grant Affiliate