2021 Core Director Awards

Awarded annually, the Core Director Award serves to honor the exemplary leadership and dedication of our core directors, whose facilities serve as an integral catalyst for PSOM’s groundbreaking research.

2021 Awardees

2021 Core Director Award

We are delighted to announce that, following a review by a sub-group of the Cores Committee, Drs. Tapan Ganguly and Julie Johnston have been selected as the inaugural winners of our 2021 Core Director Awards.

Dr. Ganguly has served as Director of the Penn Genomic Analysis Core (PGAC) and the Cell Center Services Facility (CCSF) for over twenty years, consistently striving to improve and expand these facilities.  Under his skilled leadership, these innovative cores continue to explore the best ways to incorporate new technologies.  In 2008, Dr. Ganguly was among the first on campus to utilize an early generation next-gen sequencing platform, Roche 454, through a collaboration with Dr. Rick Bushman.

Dr. Johnston has been responsible for financial, operational, technical, and scientific aspects of the Vector Core Facility for almost twenty years.  During this time the core has undergone tremendous growth while also establishing a strong track record of support, not only for individual investigators, but also for communities of investigators through Center grants and contracts.  Dr. Johnston’s expert management allowed the Vector Core Facility to continue operating throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, providing important research and support services to a wide variety of essential initiatives.

We are honored to recognize the tremendous accomplishments of Drs. Ganguly and Johnston as Core Facility Directors, and are grateful for their continued efforts to achieve excellence as part of our PSOM Biomedical Research Core Facility Community.