Core Director Meeting Chair

Dr. Christopher PetucciDr. Christopher Petucci of the CVI Metabolomics Core Facility serves as the Core Director Meeting Chair. Dr. Petucci’s goals as Chair include using an open dialogue to build further unity among core directors and promoting core facility excellence with the aim of increasing high impact publications and research grants.  

Previously serving as Chair of the Delaware Valley Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group at Villanova University, as well as a member of the Philadelphia American Chemical Society’s Board of Directors, Dr. Petucci brings a wealth of experience to this role. His tenure as a Co-Chair and organizer of the 2017 Asilomar Conference of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry has prepared Dr. Petucci to lead informative and efficient meetings with our Core Director community.  Dr. Petucci is now in his second term as Core Director Meeting Chair, and will serve in the role until Summer 2025.