iLab Update – FY21 Year End

As FY21 comes to a close, we are pleased to note that iLab continues to grow as a vital asset to our community of PSOM core facilities and is now a well-accepted resource for cores, research staff, and business offices across campus.

Surpassing 1,000 users this FY and more than 25,000 hours of reservations this calendar year at PSOM, the web-based iLab platform provides a streamlined way for core facilities to manage and make equipment reservations, service requests, handle billing and more. Since FY18 the number of core facilities utilizing iLab has increased from 7 to 26, and the number of project requests has gone from 940 to over 4,300 in this same period.

As the number of core facilities utilizing iLab continues to rise, it becomes more useful and convenient than ever.  Allowing for ease-of-billing and project collaboration between both internal and external entities, iLab balances the convenience of standardization with a programmatic flexibility capable of meeting the needs of most core facilities.

We encourage you to view the below table for a detailed accounting of iLab’s growth within our community, and to visit the iLab at Penn Medicine website or contact Curtis Embree ( if you would like to learn more about how using iLab may benefit your unique core facility.  
Stat Table FY18-21