Ex/RP Certification Program

The CTSA offers training and consultation that lead to certification as an Ex/RP Therapist.

Benefits of Ex/RP Therapist Certification

Increase your confidence and competence in delivering Ex/RP
  • Participating in consultation to become a certified Ex/RP therapist allows you to obtain support and advice during your first cases of Ex/RP, allowing you to feel more confident that you are delivering it competently
  • Ex/RP Consultants provide valuable feedback and session preparation tips that improve your competence in delivering Ex/RP
  • Inclusion in our online Find an Ex/RP Therapist list
    • Colleagues and potential patients can access this list (organized by location), resulting in increased referrals to your agency or practice
    • This list also helps to increase the availability of evidence-based psychotherapy for OCD

Ex/RP Therapist Certification Requirements

Ex/RP Therapist Certification Process

The following training procedures and their costs apply to licensed therapists who have completed a CTSA-sponsored 4-day Intensive Workshop in EX/RP.  If the EX/RP trainee is not a licensed therapist, the trainee must receive direct supervision from another licensed professional; EX/RP consultation is considered additional, expert consultation.

Becoming a Certified EX/RP Therapist

To achieve EX/RP therapist certification, therapists must complete one-on-one expert consultation with a minimum of two (2) completed EX/RP cases. You may complete consultation for two patients simultaneously, or separate, depending on your need.

Consultation is available every week, via telephone or video conference. Here, you can discuss your cases, receive feedback, and make plans for following sessions with a licensed, expert practitioner in EX/RP.

In addition to weekly consultation, consultees will be required to submit six videotapes or audiotapes of their sessions (3 per case, sessions 1-3) for review. Therapist is responsible for the purchase of all video and audio recording equipment (e.g. video cameras, digital voice recorders) for use in treatment and consultation. The ability to email or upload videos to file-sharing sites such as Dropbox is also required.

Upon successful completion of at least 2 full EX/RP cases, the consultant will recommend the therapist for certification as an EX/RP therapist. Typically, we aim for 15 consultation sessions per case. (Note that “successful completion” of a case is at the discretion of the consultant).


Cost of expert individual EX/RP consultation leading to certification as an EX/RP therapist is $4500. This includes up to 30 individual thirty-minute consultations sessions and consultant review of each of the six recorded EX/RP sessions.

Certification must be complete within 1 year of the date this contract is signed.

In rare cases, when more than 30 EX/RP consultation sessions are required for certification as an EX/RP therapist, these services will be rendered at $250 per hour.

Any questions, please contact Dr. Sandy Capaldi (sandraca@pennmedicine.upenn.edu).

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