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Siddiqui Sarmad, Habertheuer Andreas, Xin Yi, Pourfathi Mehrdad, Tao Jian-Qin, Hamedani Hooman, Kadlecek Stephen, Duncan Ian, Vallabhajosyula Prashanth, Naji Ali, Chatterjee Shampa, Rizi Rahim: Detection of lung transplant rejection in a rat model using hyperpolarized [1- C] pyruvate-based metabolic imaging. NMR in biomedicine Page: e4107, May 2019.

Loza Luis A, Kadlecek Stephen J, Pourfathi Mehrdad, Hamedani Hooman, Duncan Ian F, Ruppert Kai, Rizi Rahim R: Quantification of Ventilation and Gas Uptake in Free-Breathing Mice with Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI. IEEE transactions on medical imaging Apr 2019.

Ruppert Kai, Amzajerdian Faraz, Hamedani Hooman, Xin Yi, Loza Luis, Achekzai Tahmina, Duncan Ian F, Profka Harrilla, Siddiqui Sarmad, Pourfathi Mehrdad, Sertic Federico, Cereda Maurizio F, Kadlecek Stephen, Rizi Rahim R: Assessment of flip angle-TR equivalence for standardized dissolved-phase imaging of the lung with hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI. Magnetic resonance in medicine 81(3): 1784-1794, Mar 2019.

Ruppert Kai, Xin Yi, Hamedani Hooman, Amzajerdian Faraz, Loza Luis, Achekzai Tahmina, Duncan Ian F, Profka Harrilla, Siddiqui Sarmad, Pourfathi Mehrdad, Sertic Federico, Cereda Maurizio F, Kadlecek Stephen, Rizi Rahim R: Measurement of Regional 2D Gas Transport Efficiency in Rabbit Lung Using Hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI. Scientific reports 9(1): 2413, Feb 2019.

Achekzai Tahmina, Hamedani Hooman, Kadlecek Stephen J, Ruppert Kai, Xin Yi, Baron Ryan J, Duncan Ian F, Sertic Federico, Siddiqui Sarmad, Amzajerdian Faraz, Pourfathi Mehrdad, Loza Luis A, Cereda Maurizio, Rizi Rahim R: Multibreath Hyperpolarized He Imaging Scheme to Measure Alveolar Oxygen Tension and Apparent Diffusion Coefficient. Academic radiology 26(3): 367-382, Jan 2019.

Kurhanewicz John, Vigneron Daniel B, Ardenkjaer-Larsen Jan Henrik, Bankson James A, Brindle Kevin, Cunningham Charles H, Gallagher Ferdia A, Keshari Kayvan R, Kjaer Andreas, Laustsen Christoffer, Mankoff David A, Merritt Matthew E, Nelson Sarah J, Pauly John M, Lee Philips, Ronen Sabrina, Tyler Damian J, Rajan Sunder S, Spielman Daniel M, Wald Lawrence, Zhang Xiaoliang, Malloy Craig R, Rizi Rahim: Hyperpolarized C MRI: Path to Clinical Translation in Oncology. Neoplasia (New York, N.Y.) 21(1): 1-16, Jan 2019.

Cereda Maurizio, Xin Yi, Goffi Alberto, Herrmann Jacob, Kaczka David W, Kavanagh Brian P, Perchiazzi Gaetano, Yoshida Takeshi, Rizi Rahim R: Imaging the Injured Lung: Mechanisms of Action and Clinical Use.Anesthesiology Jan 2019.

Rizi Rahim R: Foreword: Recent Developments on Imaging Pulmonary System. Academic radiology 26(3): 304-305, Jan 2019.

Baron Ryan J, Hamedani Hooman, Kadlecek Stephen J, Duncan Ian F, Xin Yi, Siddiqui Sarmad, Pourfathi Mehrdad, Cereda Maurizio, Rizi Rahim R: A Model for Predicting Future FEV1 Decline in Smokers Using Hyperpolarized He Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Academic radiology 26(3): 383-394, Aug 2018.

Ruppert Kai, Hamedani Hooman, Amzajerdian Faraz, Xin Yi, Duncan Ian F, Profka Harrilla, Siddiqui Sarmad, Pourfathi Mehrdad, Kadlecek Stephen, Rizi Rahim R: Assessment of Pulmonary Gas Transport in Rabbits Using Hyperpolarized Xenon-129 Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Scientific reports 8(1): 7310, May 2018.

Last updated: 07/01/2019

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