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Baron Ryan J, Hamedani Hooman, Kadlecek Stephen J, Duncan Ian F, Xin Yi, Siddiqui Sarmad, Pourfathi Mehrdad, Cereda Maurizio, Rizi Rahim R: A Model for Predicting Future FEV1 Decline in Smokers Using Hyperpolarized He Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Academic radiology Aug 2018.

Ruppert Kai, Hamedani Hooman, Amzajerdian Faraz, Xin Yi, Duncan Ian F, Profka Harrilla, Siddiqui Sarmad, Pourfathi Mehrdad, Kadlecek Stephen, Rizi Rahim R: Assessment of Pulmonary Gas Transport in Rabbits Using Hyperpolarized Xenon-129 Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Scientific reports 8(1): 7310, May 2018.

Cereda Maurizio, Xin Yi, Rizi Rahim R: Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome - Can Data from the Sick Guide Care for the Healthy? American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine May 2018.

Ruppert Kai, Amzajerdian Faraz, Hamedani Hooman, Xin Yi, Loza Luis, Achekzai Tahmina, Duncan Ian F, Profka Harrilla, Siddiqui Sarmad, Pourfathi Mehrdad, Cereda Maurizio F, Kadlecek Stephen, Rizi Rahim R: Rapid assessment of pulmonary gas transport with hyperpolarized 129Xe MRI using a 3D radial double golden-means acquisition with variable flip angles.Magnetic resonance in medicine Apr 2018.

Pourfathi Mehrdad, Cereda Maurizio, Chatterjee Shampa, Xin Yi, Kadlecek Stephen, Duncan Ian, Hamedani Hooman, Siddiqui Sarmad, Profka Harrilla, Ehrich Jason, Ruppert Kai, Rizi Rahim R: Lung Metabolism and Inflammation during Mechanical Ventilation; An Imaging Approach. Scientific reports 8(1): 3525, Feb 2018.

Xin Yi, Cereda Maurizio, Hamedani Hooman, Pourfathi Mehrdad, Siddiqui Sarmad, Meeder Natalie, Kadlecek Stephen, Duncan Ian, Profka Harrilla, Rajaei Jennia, Tustison Nicholas J, Gee James C, Kavanagh Brian P, Rizi Rahim R: Unstable Inflation Causing Injury: Insight from Prone Position and Paired CT Scans. American journal of respiratory and critical care medicine 198(2): 197-207, Feb 2018.

Drachman Nicholas, Kadlecek Stephen, Pourfathi Mehrdad, Xin Yi, Profka Harilla, Rizi Rahim: In vivo pH mapping of injured lungs using hyperpolarized [1-(13) C]pyruvate. Magnetic resonance in medicine 78(3): 1121-1130, Sep 2017.

Hamedani Hooman, Kadlecek Stephen, Xin Yi, Siddiqui Sarmad, Gatens Heather, Naji Joseph, Ishii Masaru, Cereda Maurizio, Rossman Milton, Rizi Rahim: A hybrid multibreath wash-in wash-out lung function quantification scheme in human subjects using hyperpolarized (3) He MRI for simultaneous assessment of specific ventilation, alveolar oxygen tension, oxygen uptake, and air trapping. Magnetic resonance in medicine 78(2): 611-624, Aug 2017.

Drachman Nicholas, Kadlecek Stephen, Duncan Ian, Rizi Rahim: Quantifying reaction kinetics of the non-enzymatic decarboxylation of pyruvate and production of peroxymonocarbonate with hyperpolarized (13)C-NMR.Physical chemistry chemical physics : PCCP 19(29): 19316-19325, Jul 2017.

Cereda Maurizio, Xin Yi, Hamedani Hooman, Bellani Giacomo, Kadlecek Stephen, Clapp Justin, Guerra Luca, Meeder Natalie, Rajaei Jennia, Tustison Nicholas J, Gee James C, Kavanagh Brian P, Rizi Rahim R: Tidal changes on CT and progression of ARDS. Thorax 72(11): 981-989, Jun 2017.

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