Recent Graduates

May 2016

Justin Brown
"The Courage Trial: A Phase II Randomized Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Dose-Response Effects of Exercise on Prognostic Biomarkers Among Colon Cancer Survivors"

Anne Grossestreuer
"Sudden Cardiac Arrest: Novel Uses of Risk Standardization and Post-Arrest Body Temperature to Improve Outcomes"

December 2016

Michael O. Harhay
"Endpoints in Intensive Care Unit Based Randomized Clinical Trials"

Alison J. Culyba
"Role of Adult Connection in Violence Prevention Among Male Youth During Daily Activity"

May 2015

Nikkita Patel
"Characterization of Illegal Wildlife Trade Networks"

Shannon Lynch
"Neighborhood Cancerization: New approaches Linking Social and Biological Mechanisms of Cancer"

Brian Finkelman
"Prediction in Therapeutic Effectiveness Research: Prolonged Dose Titration among Warfarin Patients and Model Transportability"

Heather de Vries-McClintock
"Adherence to oral hypoglycemic agents: patterns, correlates and outcomes"

May 2014

Laurel Redding
"Understanding the Use of Antibiotics on Small Dairy Farms in Rural Peru"

May 2013

Sydney Brown
"The Epidemiology of Readmissions to the Intensive Care Unit and Its Use as a Quality Indicator"

December 2013

Meenakashi Bewtra
"Dying to Save Your Colon? Changing the Way We Look at Ulverative Colitis"

Pinyo Rattanaumpawan
"Risk Factors for and Impact of Ambulatory Urinary Tract Infections Caused by High MIC-Fluoroquinoline Susceptible E. coli in Women"

December 2012

Rebecca Speck
“Chemotherapy Induced Peripheral Neuropathy in Non-Metastatic Breast Cancer: Patient Experience and Clinical Impact”

May 2011

Richard Aplenc
“Pharmacogenetic and Pharmacogenomic Studies in Pediatric Leukemia”

Huaqing Zhao
“Analyzing Population Based Genetic Association Studies with Propensity Score Approach"

August 2010

Sharon Meropol
“Evaluating Risks from Antibacterial Medication Therapy Using an Observational Primary Care Database"

December 2010

Christopher Rowan
“Clinical Importance of the Drug Interaction Between Statins and CYP3A4 Inhibitors”



Where do Biostatistics graduates go? Many go on, either directly or following a postdoctoral position, to academic careers. Others play a major role in biotechnology, pharmaceutical companies or government. Training in biostatistics can prepare you for many other walks of life. Below is a list of our recent graduates and their accomplishments.

August 2016

Shaun Bender 
Dissertation Advisor: Justine Shults, PhD
"Ignorability Conditions for Incomplete Data and the First Order Markov Conditional Linear Expectation Approach for Analysis of Longitudinal Discrete Data with Overdispension."

Daniel Shin 
Dissertation Advisor: Russell Taki Shinohara, PhD
"Novel Statistical Methodologies in Analysis of Position Emission Tomography Data: Applications in Segmentation, Normalization, and Trajectory Modeling."

Emin Tahirovic 
Dissertation Advisor: Andrea B. Troxel, PhD
"Sensitivity Analysis for Non-Ignorable Dropout of Marginal Treatment Effect in Longidudianal"

May 2016

Victoria Gamerman (PhD Degree, May)
Dissertation Advisor: Phyllis Gimotty, PhD and Justine Shults, PhD
"Statistical Methods for Time-Conditional Survival Probability and Equally Spaced Count Data"

Sidan He (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Phyllis Gimotty, PhD
"Categorical predictors based on optimal cut points in regression modeling: Evaluation of Lymph node count and survival of melanoma patients."

Edward H. Kennedy 
Dissertation Advisor: Dylan Small, PhD and Marshall Joffe, MD, PhD
"Doubly robust causal inference with complex parameters."

Julie Kobie 
Dissertation Advisor:

Jiaqi Li 
Dissertation Advisor: Nandita Mitra, PhD
"Doubly Robust and Machine Learning Approaches for Economic Evaluation Using Observational Data."

Pixu Shi 
Dissertation Advisor: Hongzhe Li, PhD
"Statistical Methods for Compositional and Tree-Structured Count Data"

Andrew Smith (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Wei-Ting Hwang, PhD
"Estimating the predictive value of continuous markers for censored survival data using a likelihood ratio approach."

August 2015

James Greenberg (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Bing Cai and Sean Hennessy
"Probabalistic Record Linkage within the THIN Database"

Fei Wan 
Dissertation Advisor: Nandita Mitra, PhD
"A general framework for evaluating bias in two-stage instrumental variable methods."

May 2015

Lu Chen (PhD Degree, May)
Dissertation Advisor: Jinbo Chen, PhD
"Maximum Likelihood Methods for Missing Data Problems in Case-Control Studies."

John Pluta (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Russel T. Shinohara, PhD
"Development of dementia biomarkers from hippocampal and medial temporal lobe subregions via penalized regression."

Pixu Shi (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Nandita Mitra, PhD
"Sensitivity analysis for matching-based instrumental variable estimation."

August 2014

Yang Yang (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Mingyao Li, PhD & Muredach Reilly, MD
"A flexible framework for differential isoform expression analysis in RNA-seq."

May 2014

Erica Billig (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Scarlett Bellamy, ScD & Robert Gross, MD, MSCE
"Joint models as integrated approach for behavioral and biological outcomes in HIV adherence research."

Xinglei Chai (MS Degree, May)
Thesis Advisor: Jinbo Chen, PhD & Timothy Rebbeck, PhD
"Use of risk-reducing surgeries in a prospective cohort of 1,499 BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutation carrier."

Matthew Davis 
Dissertation Advisor: Warren Bilker, PhD & J. Richard Landis, PhD
"Estimation and inference of the three-level intraclass correlation coefficient."

Thomas Jemielita (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Kathleen Propert, ScD & Jason Roy, PhD
"Negative binomial modeling of hospitalization rates: a comparison of New York and Pennsylvania to evaluate the health of hydro-fracking."

Cheng Jia (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Mingyao Li, PhD & Dwight Stambolian, MD, PhD
"Transcriptomic analysis of the human neurosensory retina and photoreceptor support system."

Patricia Kooker (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Kathleen Propert, ScD & Jessica Fishman, PhD
"Effects of communication in health care: Sharing information with cancer patients."

Jiaqi Li (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Nandita Mitra, PhD & Justin Bekelman, MD
"Cost effectiveness analysis using instrumental variables."

Kay See Tan 
Dissertation Advisor: Andrea Troxel, ScD & Benjamin French, PhD
"Semi-parametric regression models for longitudinal data with outcome-dependent observation times."

Rengyi Emily Xu (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Rui Feng, PhD & Sara DeMauro, MD
"The impact of parental history of the onset of asthma: a study based on National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey III."

December 2014

Anne M. Blair (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Phyllis Gimotty, PhD
"Willebrand's disease."

Jiwei He 
Dissertation Advisor: Marshall Joffe, MD, MPH, PhD, Alisa Stephens, PhD
"Causal modeling under complex dependency in clustered and longitudinal observations."

Jarcy Zee
Dissertation Advisor: Sharon X. Xie, PhD
"Survival analysis with uncertain endpoints using an internal validaion subsample."

August 2013

Hojun Hwang (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Justine Shults, PhD & Peter Reese, MD, MSCE
"Analysis of pediatric wait-times for deceased-donor kidneys."

Hong Wan 
Dissertation Advisor: Susan Ellenberg, PhD
"Issues in adaptive/group sequential designs."

Michael Wierzbicki
Dissertation Advisor: Wensheng Guo, PhD
​​​​​​"Nonlinear structural functional models."

May 2013

Shaun Bender (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Justine Shults, PhD & Mary Leonard, MD, MSCE
"The association between calcification in the heart and bone density."

Julie Kobie (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Hongzhe Li, PhD & Dwight Stambolian, MD, PhD
"African American SNP association with glaucoma."

Anagha Kumar (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Andrea Troxel, ScD & Kathryn Schmitz, PhD, MPH
"LABAT (Lymphedema Assessment of the Breast, Arm and Torso) trial."

Kaitlin Woo (MS)
Thesis Advisor: Nandita Mitra, PhD & Justin Bekelman, MD
"Stage migration in prostate cancer."

December 2013

Lola Luo 
Dissertation Advisor: Jason Roy, PhD & Dylan Small, PhD
"Methods for estimating disease stage transition rates."

Qian Vicky Wu 
Dissertation Advisor: Hongzhe Li, PhD
"Statistical methods for analysis of multi-sample copy number variants and chip-seq data."

August 2012

Arwin Thomasson (PhD Degree, August)
Dissertation Advisor: Sarah Ratcliffe, PhD
"A joint longitudinal-survival model with possible cure: an analysis of patient outcomes on the liver transplant waiting list."

December 2012

Peter Dawson 
Dissertation Advisor: Phyllis Gimotty, PhD
"Beyond traditional biomarkers: Methods for identifying and evaluating non-traditional biomarkers."

Sandra Griffith 
Dissertation Advisor: Daniel Heitjan, PhD
"Statistical methods for heaped data with application to smoking cessation research."

Kaijun Liao 
Dissertation Advisor: Andrea Troxel, ScD
"Statistical methods for non-ignorable missing data with applications to quality-of-life data."

Matthew White 
Dissertation Advisor: Sharon Xie, PhD
"Statistical methods for evaluating diagnostic biomarkers in the presence of measurement error."



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