Expectations of Students

General expectations for BGS students are described in a document, Expectations of Students in Biomedical Graduate Studies, which is updated annually. This document addresses student conduct, conditions of fellowship awards, leaves of absence, academic requirements, the grievance policy, and other policies. Students must sign this document when they enroll, and a copy is placed in their file.

The University maintains a set of academic rules for PhD programs. These rules may be supplemented by rules specific to a student’s graduate school or graduate group. 

All Penn students must abide by codes of general conduct, academic integrity, and other topics.  Included in the other topics are prohibitions against illegal file sharing

BGS students must abide by alcohol-related policies of the University, including the Alcohol and Other Drug Policy. Students who organize events at which alcohol is provided must be sure to following University policies for Registering Events with Alcohol.

BGS students must abide by the University's Patent and Tangible Research Property Policies and Procedures. They sign the Participation Agreement (Appendix A) when they enroll, and a copy is placed in their file. 

Allegations of BGS student violations of University codes are handled by the Office of Student Conduct.  

Allegations of BGS student research misconduct are handled in accordance with the Procedures Regarding Misconduct in Research for Non-Faculty Members of the Research Community.  



BGS has a developed a set of expectations for thesis students, thesis mentors, and thesis advisory committee members, as well as a mentor compact to be completed when a student joins a thesis lab. 

In addition, the University has developed a similar set of guidelines for advising and mentoring students.

Students are encouraged to become familiar with these documents and to reach out to program advisors or others with any questions or concerns.

Research-related expectations are outlined in the Research Policies section.