GTMS Seminar Schedule

Join the monthly GTMS seminar series for discussions hosted by researchers from across the university, Philadelphia area, and beyond.

Upcoming Seminars

Speaker Date Time Location
Welcome Back! 09/11/23 4pm BRB 252
TBD 10/09/23 4pm BRB 252
TBD 11/13/23 4pm BRB 252
TBD 12/11/23 4pm BRB 252


Past Seminars

Speaker/Topic Date
GTMS Happy Hour! 05/08/23
Dr. Greg Campanello (Associate Principal Scientist, Merck) 04/10/23
Dr. Theodore Drivas (Clinical Geneticist, Penn Medicine) 03/13/23
Dr. Fan Jin (Executive Medical Director, Merck Global Oncology Clinical Research) 02/13/23
Dr. Alice Chen-Plotkin (Professor of Neurology, University of Pennsylvania) 01/09/23
Dr. Susan Ewart (Professor of Veterinary Medicine, Michigan State University) 12/12/22
Dr. Erin Masucci (Technical Operations Scientist, Janssen) 11/14/22
Dr. Rebecca Myers (PRECISIONscientia) 10/10/22
Introduction + Clerkship Experiences 09/12/22
Dr. Erin Wall (FDA) and Dr. Michael Gottesman (NIH) 05/09/22
Dr. Eileen Doyle (Certara) 04/11/22
Dr. Susan Ellenberg (Emeritus Professor CE of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Perelman School of Medicine) 03/14/22
Dr. Scott Gordon (Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Perelman School of Medicine) 02/14/22
Clerkship Experiences 01/10/22
Dr. Ferric Fang (Professor of Laboratory Medicine, Pathology, and Microbiology, University of Washington) 12/13/21
Dr. Sean Bauman (President and CEO, IMMY) 11/09/21
Intro to Medical Terminology 10/11/21
Welcome back! 09/13/21