Welcome to the Johnson Lab Website

The Johnson Laboratory comprises faculty, staff, and students interested in biomedical communication related to data science and informatics:  Communication among health providers (computer-based documentation); Communication among researchers focused on improving the electronic health record;  and Health/Science communication to lay audiences.

The Johnson Lab broadly focuses on three topics:

  • Digital health technology research and innovations that have the potential to directly impact the health care process. We collaborate broadly across disciplines to imagine, prototype, deploy and test  new technologic solutions to health care challenges or new paradigms. While electronic health records and primary care medicine is the lab’s core focus, our multidisciplinary efforts promise span a variety of scientific and clinical areas,
  • Health and science communication to inform and change behavior.  We engage primary in applying the science of science communication to digital media, including podcasts, filmics, feature-length products, and writings.
  • Pipeline development.  We engage students of all ages and backgrounds interested in communication, biomedical informatics, and relevant science disciplines.  For more about Dr. Johnson's values related to education, see his TEDx talk about the topic.