Welcome Penn Med Students!

If you are thinking about conducting research during medical school, you've come to the right place! This website has been designed to help Penn medical students navigate the many research options available. Here you can learn more about:

Getting Started in Research: A Guide for Penn MS1's

  1. Aug-Dec

    Self Assessment

    What are your research interests, goals, etc.
  2. Sept-Jan

    Information Gathering

    Attend Info Sessions | PSOM Opps Database
  3. Oct-Feb

    Exploration & Finding Mentor

    Meet with potential mentors; 1:1 appts with Dr. Neuman
  4. Jan-March


    Work on submitting application(s)
  5. Feb-April

    Decision Making

    If you have multiple options, this is the time to make decisions
  6. April-May

    Prepare for Summer

    Read and prepare for the work you will be doing
  7. June-July

    Start Research

    Conduct 8 weeks of summer research

Please reach out if you have any questions during the process, we are here to help!

Dr. Mark Neuman, Associate Faculty Director of Medical Student Scholarship & Research

Chinwe (ChiChi) Nwadiogbu, Associate Director, Combined Degree & Physician Scholar Programs



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