Housing Opportunities

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Philly gives you the opportunity to customize your living situation at surprisingly affordable prices. Typically, approximately half of our residents reside in the city (including Center City, West Philadelphia, Manayunk), while the other half opt to live in the Philadelphia or South Jersey suburbs.

We also recommend that you contact the University of Pennsylvania's Office of Off-Campus Living, 4046 Walnut Street at 215/898-8500. Off-Campus Services provides resources and tools to assist you in your search and support your search. They provide you with information and resources to help make finding your off-campus home less stressful. If you have questions or need information not found on their website, please email the at ocliving@upenn.edu.

Additional sources for new, up-to-date listings (both rentals and for-sale) are the Philadelphia Weekly and the City Paper, both of which are free weekly publications available all throughout the city.