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Desmond Oathes Lab Webpages

Welcome to the Oathes Laboratory homepage at the University of Pennsylvania. I am affiliated with the Center for Neuromodulation in Depression and Stress, Department of Psychiatry, Perelman School of Medicine as well as the Department of Neuroscience and the Institute for Translational Medicine and Therapeutics.

Lab Mission Statement

The goal of my laboratory is to leverage cutting edge neuroimaging methods to develop a better understanding of brain networks that contribute to affective illness as well as to use these tools to generate novel, individualized, brain-based treatments for these disorders. We also pursue TMS/fMRI methods development research with broad applications to cognitive and affective systems.


To define causal communication pathways and to quantify neural circuit integrity, my lab interleaves single pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) with functional MRI recordings (TMS/fMRI). We benefit from the slow rise time of the BOLD response to interleave TMS pulses and to capture the resulting brain activity caused by TMS to the surface of the brain.

We also use structural and functional MRI to guide efforts to influence behavior, cognitive function, psychophysiological responses, and symptoms of depression and post-traumatic stress with repetitive trains of TMS (rTMS).

Targeted behaviors and symptoms

Our current projects are designed to improve symptoms, trauma recovery (fear extinction), working memory and mentalizing functions.