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The Penn Brain Science, Translation, Innovation, and Modulation (brainSTIM) Center brings together a team of leading neuroscientists, neurologists, psychiatrists, psychologists, and engineers the University of Pennsylvania who use groundbreaking neuromodulation techniques to research, repair, and enhance human brain function. In order to accomplish this goal, the brainSTIM Center has created a framework for cooperation that cuts across departmental and institutional boundaries. The center promotes intellectually rewarding, productive, and novel scientific collaborations in the field of neuromodulation by leveraging critical skills and resources, creating unique opportunities for growth, innovation, and substainability for neuromodulation research.


The Latest at brainSTIM

Center for Neuromodulation in Depression and Stress (CNDS) faculty member and brainSTIM affiliate Nick Balderston, PhD, and his team of researchers recently saw success in using rTMS, a noninvasive brain stimulation technique, to reduce fear and anxiety in a recent trial. The preliminary effort involved 19 healthy human subjects who were exposed to various stimuli designed to trigger their 'startle' response to a variety of possible threats. By quantifying subjects' 'startle' response, researchers measured the individuals' fear and anxiety as caused by the anticipation of predictable and unpredictable threats. Based on their findings, researchers believe that low frequency rTMS is a potential treatment for anxiety disorders, which they hope to explore further in larger trials. To read more about the study, click below.

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    brainSTIM is excited to announce another valuable addition to our External Advisory Board: Dr. Mark S. George of @BSLMusc. Read more below:


  • @PennbrainSTIM Tuesday, July 28, 2020

    Dr. Roy Hamilton, Director of the brainSTIM Center, recently did a Q&A with @TheNewANA1 to discuss his work in noninvasive neuromodulation and the work going on at the Center. Read the full interview here.


  • @PennbrainSTIM Monday, July 27, 2020

    brainSTIM would like to announce @MaromBikson as the newest member of our External Advisory Board! Read our full statement below.



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