Center Staff

Roy Hamilton


Roy HamiltonRoy Hamilton M.D., M.S. is a board certified neurologist and practicing clinician at the Penn Memory Center. He is also an Associate Professor in the departments of Neurology and Physical Medicine Rehabilitation at the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Hamilton is the Director of Penn's Laboratory for Cognition and Neural Stimulation (LCNS), and is also the Director of the Brain Science, Translation, Innovation and Modulation Center (brainSTIM).

The central focus of Dr. Hamilton's research revolves around using noninvasive electrical and magnetic brain stimulation to explore the characteristics and limits of functional plasticity in the intact and injured human brain. He treats patients with Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative disorders, in addition to patients with cognitive disorders relating to stroke or brain injury. Dr. Hamilton strives to advance the understanding of noninvasive neuromodulation in the fields of neurology, cognitive neuroscience, and neurorehabilitation.

Theresa Tritto

Associate Director

Theresa Tritto, PhDTheresa Tritto, PhD, is the Associate Director of the brainSTIM Center and Scientific Program Director for the Penn Medicine Translational Neuroscience Center (PTNC). She has over 20 years of neuroscience research experience, and has worked in R&D in academia and the pharmaceutical industry, including Bayer and Pfizer.

Dr. Tritto has been with Penn Medicine for over 4 years and previously worked as the Program Manager for Yale's Human and Translational Immunology Section of the Department of Immunology. She is an experienced alliance and program manager and works to coalesce translational neuroscience activities across the University. Dr. Tritto is also the Operations and Finance Manager for the NeuronsRUs Brain Cell Core.

Olu Faseyitan

Operations Manager

Olu FaseyitanOlu Faseyitan has over 15 years of research operations management and cognitive neuroscience research experience. As Operations Manager for the Brain Stimulation Translation, Innovation and Modulation (brainSTIM) center at the University of Pennsylvania, he manages the daily operations of the center, educate and train researchers to use technologies like transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) to test many different theories of cognition. Working inter-departmentally, intra-departmentally and inter-institutionally to facilitate clinical and basic cognitive neuroscience research within the center. Olu conducts training programs on non-invasive brain stimulation, best research practices and standards for non-invasive stimulation research within the center. His work extends beyond operations management and to includes include study design assistance, and technical expertise in transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and transcranial electrical stimulation (TES), and functional neuroimaging (fMRI) in patients and healthy subjects.

Lacinda Benjamin

Executive Administrator

Lacinda BenjaminLacinda joined the Center for the Brain Science, Translation, Innovation, and Modulation (brainSTIM) as an Exceutive Administrator. With over ten years of experience as administrative coordinator for the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience (now Penn Brain Science Center) at the University of Pennsylvania, Lacinda also assists brainSTIM with creating and executing high-level administrative tasks.