Past Symposiums

Symposium Fall 2022

 The Penn Global Surgery Group hosted our Penn Global Surgery Fall Symposium in person on Saturday, 11/12/202222 (11am-2pm EST).


Symposium Spring 2022 


The Penn Global Surgery Group and Global Oncology Interest Groups hosted the 2022 Global Health Symposium virtually on Saturday, 04/30/22 (10am-12pm EST).

Symposium Fall 2021 - "War Surgery"

Flier for PGSG Fall 2021 Symposium on War Surgery

The Penn Global Surgery Group hosted our Penn Global Surgery Fall Symposium virtually on Saturday, 12/11/2021 (11 am - 2:30 pm EST).

Symposium Spring 2021 - "Women in Global Surgery

Flier for PGSG Spring 2021 Symposium on Women in Global Surgery

The Penn Global Surgery Group hosted our Penn Global Surgery Spring Symposium virtually on Saturday 04/17/2021.

Symposium Fall 2020 - "Partnerships for Global Pediatric Surgery" 

Flier for PGSG Fall Symposium on Partnerships for Global Pediatric Surgery

The Penn Global Surgery Group hosted our 6th annual Penn Global Surgery Symposium virtually on Saturday, 10/3/20 (10 am-1 pm EST).

This theme was “Partnerships for Global Pediatric Surgery,” and we harnessed our virtual setting to bring together speakers from around the world.  We were extremely fortunate to have Dr. Doruk Ozgediz, a pediatric surgeon at UCSF, as our keynote speaker.  He was joined by two of his partners in global surgery in Uganda, Dr. Phyllis Kisa (pediatric and urologic surgeon) and Dr. Mary Nabukenya (anesthesiologist).  Finally, we were very lucky to have Dr. Georges Azzie (pediatric surgeon in Toronto and adjunct faculty at Penn) return as a guest speaker.  We're grateful and honored to all of these speakers for offering to share their expertise with us.

Symposium 2019

Topic: High Resource Surgeons in Low Resource Settings

Date and Time: November 2, 2019 2-7 pm

Location: Jordan Medical Education Center

Please join the PGSG in welcoming Dr. Richard Gosselin and Dr. George Azzie to the 5th annual Penn Global Surgery Symposium. For more information please visit our symposium page

Flyer for the PGSG Fall 2019 Symposium titled Global Surgery Disasters and Crises: Lessons Learned from the Frontlines

About our speakers:

Dr. Richard Gosselin is an orthopaedic surgeon at UCSF, lecturer at UC-Berkeley School of Public Health, and surgeon with the Institute for Global Orthopedics and Traumatology (IGOT). After residency, he pursued a series of Orthopaedic Surgery fellowships: Musculoskeletal Infections in Senegal, Pelvis and Acetabular Surgery in Paris, and Orthopaedic Trauma at the San Francisco General Hospital-UCSF. After a few years in private practice, he pursued additional training, receiving an MPH from UC-Berkeley School of Public Health in 2001 and then an MSc from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine in 2002. This international educational background reflects his dedication to service abroad, spending the majority of his time each year teaching and volunteering in a humanitarian capacity with IGOT, Medicine Sans Frontier (MSF), World Health Organization (WHO), and International Red Cross and Red Crescent (ICRC). He has so far worked in over 40 different developing countries, and in 2016 received the Humanitarian Award from the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons for his incredible work.

Dr. Georges Azzie is a pediatric surgeon at the University of Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, a.k.a Sick Kids. He is also an Adjunct Associate Professor of Surgery with the University of Pennsylvania through the Penn Surgery Botswana Program. He has a keen interest in international surgery, having worked extensively in Africa, the Middle East, and Australasia. He participates actively in the Office of International Surgery, helping to expand the international activities of Sick Kids. Just prior to his return to Toronto in 2006, he served as the Program Director for General Surgery at the University of New Mexico. His research interests revolve around education, simulation, and international surgery.

Flier for PGSG Fall 2019 Symposium on Global Surgery in Humanitarian Crises

2018 Fall Global Surgery Symposium

Flier for PGSG Fall Symposium on High Resource Surgeons in Low Resource Settings: Challenges and Opportunities

The Penn Global Surgery Group hosted our Penn Global Surgery Fall Symposium on Saturday 11/17/2018.

2017 Fall Global Surgery Symposium

December 9th, 2017: We hosted our 3rd Annual Fall Global Surgery Symposium where an incredible group of physicians shared their perspectives on surgical education for residents and medical students in a global setting. Thank you to all our speakers for giving their time and knowledge, to our sponsors at the Center for Global Health, Penn OB/GYN, Penn Surgery, Penn Orthopaedics, CHOP Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the Perry World House, and our fellow classmates from the Agnew Surgical Society. 

To listen to the talks given by our inspiring speakers, follow this link.

Check out our Facebook page to see some more photos of the event! 

Flier for PGSG Spring 2017 Symposium titled US Trainee Education Within Global Surgical Programs: Two Interests Divided?

2016 Fall Global Surgery Symposium

December 2nd, 2016: We hosted our 2nd Annual Fall Global Surgery Symposium where a diverse group of surgeons and anesthesiologists spoke on topics regarding multidisciplinary approaches to sustainable global surgery. Thank you to all our speakers for giving their time and knowledge, and to the Center for Global Health, CHOP Orthopedics, Penn Surgery, Penn Orthopaedics, Penn Anesthesia, and our fellow classmates from the Agnew Surgical Society.

Flier for PGSG Fall 2016 Symposium titled Multidisciplinary Approaches to Sustainable Global Surgery

2016 Spring Global Surgery Mini-Symposium

June 10th, 2016: We hosted our first ever Mini-Symposium entitled "Global Surgery: Trauma Care Without a System." We invited speakers David Spiegel, MD and Neil Sheth, MD from the University of Pennsylvania and Reinou Groen, MD, PhD and Adam Kushner, MD, MPH, FACS from Johns Hopkins University. All speakers have been involved in developing sustainable approaches to expanding trauma care in resource-constrained settings. Topics covered orthopaedic surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, surgical epidemiology, surgery in the context of human rights and humanitarianism, and healthcare systems development. Thank you to all our speakers, and to the Perelman School of Medicine's Center for Global Health, Global Health Interest Group, Obstetrics and Gynecology Interest Group, and Leo Leung Orthopaedic Surgery Society for their generous support for this event.

2015 Fall Global Surgery Symposium

October 24th, 2015: We hosted our First Annual Fall Global Surgery Symposium at the University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine. On May 22nd, 2015, the World Health Assembly passed resolution A68/15 on Strengthening Emergency and Essential Surgical Care and Anaesthesia as a Component of Universal Health Coverage. This monumental moment was the culmination of more than fifteen years of hard work, and represents a fundamental shift in perceptions surrounding surgery as a public health necessity. At our symposium we invited Dr. Meena Cherian, MD, WHO Emeritus Secretariat for the Global Initiative for Emergency and Essential Surgical Care, Dr. Jeremy Shiffman, PhD, Professor of Public Administration and Policy at American University, and Dr. David Spiegel, MD, Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia to discuss this key decision for the expansion of access to sound surgical and anesthetic care. This event was generously sponsored by Penn Center for Global Health, Penn Orthopaedics, Children's Surgical Associates Ltd, CHOP Orthopaedics, CHOP Global Health, Perry World House, CHOP Anesthesia, Penn Medical Student Government, and the South Asia Center at the University of Pennsylvania.

2015 Fall Global Surgery Symposium Speakers Photo

2015 Fall Global Surgery Symposium Speakers and Organizers: Dr. Neil Sheth, Dr. Dave Spiegel, Dr. Jeremy Shiffman, Dr. Meena Cherian (keynote speaker), Dr. James Friedman, Rosaline Zhang, Rachel Johnson