Vessel Wall Enhancement in Giant Cell Arteritis (VEGA)



The main purpose of this study is to see how well magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can detect inflammation of arteries that supply blood to the head, brain, and eyes. This may be useful in the diagnosing process and overall treatment of giant cell arteritis (GCA; temporal arteritis).

NO, you do not need to take any medication for this study.

The purpose of this study is to examine the utility of MRI of the head, brain, and eyes to detect inflammation of arteries in GCA.

Patients with a suspected new diagnosis of GCA, a suspected relapse of existing GCA, or in remission with plans to withdraw from immunosuppressive medication due to inactive disease.

Your participation will range from a single visit to at least a year, depending on your diagnosis and initial MRI results. The current duration for the entire study is 5 years.

Participants will be assigned to one of 3 cohorts based off of the physician's discretion. Depending on the cohort the participant is placed into, that will determine the MRI schedule the participant will follow. The participant must come in for research MRIs according to this schedule and fill out the questionnaires associated with each visit.

Thank you for your interest! If you wish to learn more and sign up for the study, please contact: